“Countries Must Develop, or Immigrate to USA”

A guy I used to follow on YouTube had an interesting video today. ‘Andy the Hobo Traveler‘ has correctly surmised the problem and maybe the solution to undeveloped countries and their populations moving to either Europe, Australia or America. He talks about how the policy towards these countries the past 70 years has been to coddle them and flood them with figurative gift baskets.

As he points out all these NGOs have simply created a bunch of beggars. He feels that its a lack of knowledge that’s keeping them down. That all it will take is for us to give them the “know how and show how” to develop and that they will become productive global citizens that will cause their populations to want to stay put.

I of course feel they know damn well how to develop. Its not rocket science. They don’t want to “develop”, the 1% has it pretty cush and they’re going to keep it that way. There’s no lack of knowledge, money or natural resources. They come from some of the most abundant places on the planet. Its like the way Jews had transformed Israel into an oasis within 20 years, and that the Palestinians couldn’t have transformed the same plot of land in 20,000 years!

I thought at first Andy was just talking about Latin America, and I thought he was talking about money. I was imagining a global Marshall Plan where all the developed countries poured $30 trillion dollars into a test case like Bolivia to lift them into the 21st Century to show the others how its done. It would be $30T down a rat hole.

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