The more I find out from Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, Mike Pompeo and Lin Wood the more it makes me just want to puke. What the dirty thieving Democrats have done to the electoral process in this country is nearly incomprehensible. Why the counting process was ever turned over to party hacks is beyond me. Why voting machines would have modems attached to them is beyond me.

I did a post October 31st saying that the only question regarding the election was whether Democrats could cheat in a manner sufficient to win. It was obvious Mr. Potato Head who during previous runs garnered .8% and 1.4% of the vote, didn’t stand a chance against The GOAT. I knew then the mail in ballot because of the COVID thing was bullshit, they’d been setting that up for months (“we may not know who the winner is for weeks”).

And I’m not going to gather all the links and sources to “make my case” here. The coms wouldn’t believe a mountain of evidence and honest people already know what happened. But because 99.9% of the propaganda machine is just going to repeat the party line, “There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud”, none of this matters a hill of beans anyway.

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