The art of the Hunter

Hunter Biden also sat on the board of Burisma, while knowing nothing about oil. Now he makes millions, knowing nothing about art. A stripper sat on Hunter’s laptop, the FBI sat on another. The media could come up with all kinds of stories on the Trump children, but not one on Hunter Biden. Incredible. When you don’t look, chances do increase substantially that you won’t find anything.

In reality though, while the Biden administration may have taken graft, corruption and payoffs to new heights (and are the most blatant about it knowing the media won’t look into it), its really nothing new for D.C. It came out in the 2020 election I believe that Romney, Ryan, Pelosi and John Kerry all had children working for Ukraine or Russian companies.

The criminal activity of our leaders is bipartisan.

[Below are examples of the world renowned artist.]

I was thinking the other day that even though raw intelligence isn’t necessarily the forte of those in Washington, devious cunning is. It becomes evident in the “work arounds” they have come up with to grossly expand government, despite the limited government mandates of the Constitution. They are very good at sweet lies. And people seem anxious to believe them.

(Interestingly, Snopes, Politifact and others all vehemently deny the story of the elites children working for Ukraine story)

[Whatever the case though, its important to keep the perfect record and never hit the ‘like’ button!]

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