During the last administration, the Pentagon firmly refused to protect America’s southern border. “That’s not our job,” they said.

Its not the job of the military to protect the United States from invasion? Some people might say that’s their only job. In the next sentence they make reference to “send us to Syria”, send us anywhere, just don’t send us to the border! If the volunteer group Minutemen were reconstituted, and men with rifles manned the border, the Pentagon would wipe out Americans without a second thought. But furriners? Oh hell no, they’d roll out the welcome mat.

Its an incredible story at the FOX site. Not only did the military mutiny on the last administration and refuse to help, with the Biden administration they’re actively involved in the cover-up of the crisis: “Over the next few days, weeks or months,” the note began, “you may see passenger aircraft on our ramp transporting undocumented non-citizens. Please review the attached public affairs guidance on the issue.” Burrows’ email then instructed uniformed military personnel to hide what was happening on the base from the country they’re sworn to serve.  

All of this is to be expected from a Commander In Thief who only holds office because he stole an election. I knew things were out of whack literally 30 years ago, and I really resent idiot citizens who not only back then had no idea what was going on, but still don’t.

“The business of China is business. The business of the U.S. is war.” Said by Gerald Celente. If we can’t compete economically, war has been the preferred course of action.

“In becoming the superpower it is (China) today has been achieved without dropping bombs on anyone, without firing a shot, and not going around the world pillaging and looting – unprecedented in world history!!!”

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