From 8 to 28 in 13 years

When Barack Hussein O’Bama took office the national debt was roughly $8 trillion dollars. Today in 2021 it is $28.5 and change. That’s called exponential growth (well the start of it at least). Max and Stacy on the Keiser Report took a look at it today also. Very interesting. A lot of times July is a low point of the year for the stock market. In a couple of months September and October can be interesting months for the market also.

What I find intriguing also is that all the “stimulus” money being spent the last year for the COVID has not been added yet to the debt tally. Its going to have to sometime. When do the wheels fall off? China has been making noise about unrestricted war with Japan in their quest to take Taiwan. Germany has just had a major economic impact from flooding.

The U.S. has racial unrest with no end in sight. The China disease is resurgent. There’s no end in sight for the transfer of wealth to the pharmaceutical industry and the endless vaccines now on the horizon. All elasticity would appear to be gone from the safety net.

[It was funny to hear Max’s description of the Fed’s prescription for any and all problems: “If there’s inflation, lower interest rates and print money. If there’s deflation, lower interest rates and print money. It there’s stagflation, lower interest rates and print money.” All they got’s a hammer and everything is a nail.]

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