We are white men

There’s nothing wrong with us. But there is a lot wrong with them. We will never be confused with perfection, but without us the world doesn’t go round. Without us the taxes don’t get paid, the fields don’t get plowed, children don’t get raised, the grass don’t get mowed, cars don’t get fixed, you don’t get a jump start for your dead battery, nobody helps you with your move, and so on and so on.

A lot of it is distraction. Keeping the finger pointed at us, so no one notices the beam in their own eye. Its like they say, every culture in America is celebrated except the one that founded it. To all the liberals who started this trend of blame the white man, and all the RINOs who accept it, to you I say a heartfelt fuck you. We are white man! “There are no white 3rd world countries.” We don’t crap and die, we work.

Published by Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.

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