Stephen Miller, Peter Navarro, Wilbur Ross: Trump got it right 3 times

That is pathetic. Trump made his TV bones on this supposed gift from God to hire the right people on the TV show The Apprentice. And the sum total of that gift was 3 hires in his administration. I’m not trying to insult Ben Carson and Rick Perry, guys in non-controversial positions who trudged on, did their job, and didn’t stab Trump in the back. Hats off to them. Thank you.

You can tell how good Miller, Navarro and Ross were by the degree the mainstream communists hated them. Trump should have been lauding their efforts every day. Swear to God he hired people based on their TV appearance (Tillerson, DeVoss). He actually said, “Tillerson looks like a Secretary of State.

Those 3 fighters were America’s last chance to turn things around. That’s gone now.

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