Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

<> on May 27, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri.

How much time is left? I just noticed the US Debt Clock page has a new feature, the debt as a percentage of GDP. In 1960 it was 52%. In 1980 it was 34%. In 2000 it was 57%. Today it is 128%. Its not just financial collapse, America’s navy was chased out of the South China Sea the other day. The latest report says we’re “too woke for war“. That’s not good, we always had the world’s best military force. If we couldn’t beat you any other way we could always kill you.

During the recent COVID, it came out China made all our Personal Protective Equipment (that’s not good). Mexico and Canada make our American made cars. They said China can make a destroyer for 1/8th the cost we can because they actually produce steel. The 1% in America own 38.5% of the wealth. Despite spending the most, America continues to educate K-12 the worst.

I don’t know where America stands out anymore? The number of transgender bathrooms maybe? The number of mutilation surgeries on sexually confused children? The most years spent in Afghanistan maybe? The “We’re #1!” chant is fading. We were pounded flat by our own Congress. Killed by mismanagement. We did it to ourselves.

[Growing up during the “Cold War” and being male, I knew quite a bit about our military and theirs. We were the best. Then we lost Vietnam. Got our shit blown up in Beirut. 9/11. Afghanistan. Now we’re 3rd rate. Not the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, I mean the DOD. I mean Congress. I mean the Presidents. Leadership or the lack thereof killed our military. And if you notice, the traits of that death spiral are the result of the pussification of liberalism. They wouldn’t let men be men. And I’m not talking about the rape culture we have in the armed forces, that’s lunacy. A big help to that would be to get the women out, and back to their traditional roles in the military.]

Bobby Mullet

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