Only 1 thing you need to know about Islam: Their duty is to kill the infidel and you’re the infidel

Oh man it cracks me up. We spent 20 years in Afghanistan trying to make a civilization out of savages. Our leaders do not understand Islam. They are fundamentally incapable of grasping this one simple concept: Islam cannot coexist with democracy. Freedom, free will and peace are incomprehensible to Muslims. It goes against everything they stand for.

After 20 years there our leaders are shocked at the murder and mayhem that the Taliban is now visiting upon that nation.

Their duty is Jihad. Their duty is to kill the infidel. If they are not in a position to do so at the moment, they are told to lie to you and subvert your system until they are in a position to do so. Lying is okay with them because it furthers their ultimate goal: Your death. If you convert to Islam, great. If not they’ll tax you to death: Jizya. Then once they’ve no longer a use for that, then they’ll kill you.

Islam is a death cult. It is also a political force and an economic system. It is not just a religion, it is their way of life, their guidebook. Their guidebook tells them to kill you. Look at Dearborn, Michigan. It is a “no-go zone” in the middle of America. You bring “refugees” here you are bringing your own destruction. How stupid are our leaders? Our predecessors understood it quite well, just look at the Immigration Act of 1924.

But even more amazing than all that, is when the muzzies do come here, they try to recreate a muslim society here! A society like the one they just fled from in fear for their own life! Does that make any sense?? You would have died if you’d stayed there and you want to recreate that here?? Are you insane?

Has it ever occurred to you your religion is inherently flawed? When your holy book tells you to kill everyone who is not you, you don’t see something wrong with that? That if it wasn’t for Jews and Christians you’d just be fighting amongst each other? You don’t see anything wrong with that? To have your entire life consumed with a blood lust?

That’s why the Middle East has been a cesspool for centuries; islam. Just as there are no white 3rd world countries, name a brown one that isn’t?

[Then another thought occurred to me. Several weeks ago I saw the comment, “There are no white 3rd world countries.” Then it just hit me today, name a brown one that isn’t? As an example Haiti just had some kind of disaster. They never have been able to wipe their own butt. A thousand years could go by and they’ll still be living in huts and tents. 10,000 years could go by and they’ll still be the dysfunctional simpletons they are today.]

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