Afghanistan the past 2 weeks has shown the fraudulent nature of globalist policies and the empty shell of globalist leaders

Afghanistan shows that there are limits to a false narrative. I was beginning to wonder. 20 years of idiocy is crashing down around their ears. They thought they could install a figurehead from a stolen election to lead the world’s greatest nation (okay ‘used’ to be). They thought they could bring civilization to savages, nope.

They thought they could hollow out the military forever with ‘woke’ policies, nope. They thought it would work to turn a press corps into a cheer squad and have no accountability for an administration, nope. Even controlling 90% of the media wasn’t going to work this time.

The structural integrity of a house of cards is just not that great. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t even do it this time. All the ugliness was laid bare for the world to see. After 20 years they are in a better position to commit terrorism than they were before. And a wide open southern border to come in through.

Its an interesting lesson. They appear so formidable, unbeatable. But clearly they’re not. A bunch of goat herders and poppy growers took them out.

[Bonus question: Do they sell toilet paper in Afghanistan?]

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