Fat lady dun sang

Its over! Damn, how stupid are people? (not referring to Victor) Senator Grassley announces last week he’s running again in 2022. Iowans are stupid enough they’ll send him back to Washington. Grassley exemplifies everything that’s wrong with America. Someone with no discernible talent being one of 100 of the most important people governing America.

Its not just him of course its everybody in that cesspool of corruption. But that’s not even the problem. Its the voters! They’re the ones that keep sending these criminals back! How do you get that stupid? The United States of America is not supposed to be an Empire. We’re not supposed to take in all the world’s derelicts. We’re not supposed to give taxpayer dollars to the crooks in Buttfucksia under the guise of foreign aid.

We’re not supposed to be ‘nation building’. The sole mission of our government as given was to secure the rights of Life, Liberty and Property for its citizens.

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