Where’s the logic?

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The Chinese infect the world with a virus, and now my Walmart can’t be open 24 hrs? Fauci funds a lab to figure out how to get an animal virus to transmit to humans, and now my McDonald’s isn’t open 24 hrs? The world locks down for a virus that only has a 99.7% survival rate, so that means I can’t have a 24 hr Hy-Vee Grocery Store anymore?

Where the hell’s the logic in that? “Our Team Members need this extra time to do an extended and thorough cleaning to make our store as safe as possible!” Do they really not “get” that they could have the keypad at the checkout, or the handle on the freezer case, operating room clean before opening, but as soon as the first customer comes in and touches it, poof! All your hard work overnight is now gone.

Its not about how clean something was at 3 am, what is it at noon now that you’ve been open 4 hours? Or at 3 pm? Or now at 7:30 in the evening right before close? What the hell did all your fantastic cleaning at 3 am do for how sanitary it is 16 1/2 hours later? And why can’t I get a breakfast burrito at 5 am? Who eats breakfast at 8 am?

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