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If you think its bad now

So much of prepping is on what you might call being high up on a sliding scale. Say for instance if normal times were a 5, the disaster we prep for is a 3 or 4, when we would still have electricity, gas and water. The whole scenario changes dramatically if you lose a utility or two. Then say you might have prepped a boatload of food, but you no longer have a way to cook it.

Or the key commodity, water. Say you have a Berkey Water Filter, but what if water isn’t even flowing through the pipes? Maybe you even prepped for a generator and paid an electrician to wire it to your house, how do you keep that generator from looters? When you can hear that generator late at night from a block away?

Speaking of looters, there are those who don’t prep and say they will just take from those who have. Maybe you are armed and trained, but will there be anyone to guard your stash during those times you have to leave? Have you thought about an assistance network? Maybe your neighbors are top of the line, what about when they get hungry? Real Hungry?

Not to mention, if you think the crush at the border is bad now, what about when things really go south? All of the south will be coming north then. And the last thing the authorities are going to want is people defending themselves. Being independent. Not needing them. It was pointed out on the radio just yesterday that the Fed’s want local police and governments to fail, they want all of it to be nationalized.

Me? I can see surviving a Level 3 or 4 collapse. Being a dainty prepper. But a 1 or 2? A complete collapse of society? Nah I don’t see surviving that. You’d have to have really good, smart and prepared neighbors. The lone wolf would get picked off pretty quick. That’s probably the key right there, not working so much on the store of goods, but on a store of goodwill. A network, an association.

And in typical fashion I didn’t lay out the basis for this focus on prepping. A lot of smart people see something coming. That means 1 of 2 things. All the “experts” were wrong, or you had to be blind not to see it coming. Those smart people are looking at the big financial picture, the social unrest, how the COVID is being used to usher in the Big Reset.

March 15, 2020 is when the Great Toilet Paper Apocalypse hit the last time. During the next 2 weeks I watched store shelves empty out. Quick. My Walmart was bare. There was panic buying then, over nothing. Can you imagine in the face of a real disaster? Aside from the issues I mentioned in the previous paragraph, China is making noise threatening Taiwan. The nut in North Korea is always there.

With Biden throwing all pretense of having a border out the window, how many battle hardened Islamic terrorists have we let in the country the past year? Police can’t handle a single lone shooter, what if there were a hundred semi organized team of shooters? A thousand? What that would do also (and serve their purpose), is lead to gun confiscation.

People prep for the calamity they’re comfortable with, not the worst case. It would be good to go into it with some skills. A nurse, a plumber, an engineer. We as a people are grossly ill-equipped for a wide scale disaster. We’re soft, “Where can I charge my phone??” America of the 30’s and 40’s still had roots in the victory garden and killing and preparing game.

Going back to March 15 of last year (and the panic in the grocery aisles over nothing), how long did it take to come out of that? Frankly it was a year. Nobody went hungry, but supply wasn’t like it normally was. I know what my skills are, what are yours? Dr David Jeremiah was just on the radio yesterday making a good case that we are in the early days of the tribulation.

China is the big variable in all this. What if the weakness of the Biden administration is just too much temptation for them, and they go for Taiwan? We resist and they nuke DC? They make practically every thing we use. What if that’s cutoff? A year? Maybe two? If they take out Washington, its really up in the air then. Chinese troops on main street.

“This problem can not be fixed by 24/7 work days or thousands of new workers because it is caused by a new California emissions control law for 18 wheelers that just recently went into effect. All trucks older than 3 years do not met the new standards, so simply there is not enough trucks and there will not be enough trucks in the foreseeable future. What’s odd about this how the media and government are doing all they can to keep the truth from coming out.”

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