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“repressive regimes sow the seeds of their own collapse”

Lookup “unrest in Australia” on YouTube and you’ll get quite a list of videos. The government there seems to be at the forefront of the new COVID totalitarianism. Like Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan or Newsom in California. They want to take it out on the people of their states and countries way more than they do Fauci and the Chinese who invented it.

How convenient I thought that a tyrannical regime should take over in Australia just a few years after they turned in their guns. It caused me to look up when and why that was.

Martin Bryant was the perpetrator of the 1996 Port Arthur Massacre. He was a known nutcase (he was on a government pension for his disability), yet he was allowed to stockpile weapons in contravention of their own laws. He was able to stockpile weapons because he had knocked off the lottery heiress who had made him the sole inheritor of her will.

Its a classic case once again where the government falls down on the job, doesn’t enforce their own laws, then at the time of tragedy caused by their own malfeasance, acts like its the law abiding gun owners fault!

The guy was a nut. It says right on the gun purchase forms, “Are you under the care of a mental health professional?” Yes, he was*. They don’t enforce that here either. Nor the one about substance abuse. People with DWI’s are screaming, “I’m not eligible!” Yet they routinely handout purchase and carry authorizations to people with drunk driving convictions.

And they do that, for exactly that reason. For the crisis it creates, and their opportunity to act. January 6.

[*for the reasons just stated, law enforcement on a background check refuses to look at anything beyond criminal violations. They will not incorporate mental health records, which they are fully authorized to do by statute. So of course you end up with a “nut with a gun.”]

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