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Submissive and conformist

Aldous Huxley wrote ‘Brave New World‘ in 1931. I have to admit I’m completely unfamiliar with it. From this video I surmise he predicted today, 90 years ago. The future he predicted where the oligarchy have control locked down, and the controlled “love their servitude”, seems knocking at the door.

I thought of it years ago as a wooden cube. The lid is being put on now and the fourth screw is just being started. For all intents and purposes its over now, but it will really be over once that fourth screw is locked down.

Hypnotism, mind control, the power of suggestion, its all being done on the internet. They’re talking right now about how drugs and alcohol facilitate this conditioning. The “woke” crowd (formerly political correctness) in charge of our institutions, further enforcing the learning curve. All aspects of society are working against individualism.

Westerns in the 50’s and 60’s were television. They all ‘died’ about 50 years ago. I’ve long maintained they had to die. Our western hero was nothing if not the quintessential individual. His own man. Self reliant. Much like Ayn Rand’s John Galt. That wouldn’t do. Compliant man has to be the hero of the Brave New World.

The melding of man and machine. Controlled breeding for eternal servitude.

Brave New World: Huxley, Aldous: 9780062696120: Books

“The reception of Brave New World at its publication was primarily negative. Many were offended by the nature of Huxley’s future, and very few understood the novel’s philosophical implications. Many schools and libraries all over the world banned the novel, and even today it remains on lists of censored books. Parents and teachers argue that the novel’s themes of promiscuity, self-harm, and overall negativity are not suitable for children. Others, however, are still influenced by the novel’s take on dystopia, which forces the reader to ponder: In a perfect world with no poverty, sickness, or sadness, what is society missing? This question and the answers provided by Huxley in Brave New World are, perhaps, the reason the novel continues to resonate.” – Britannica

“Hollywood will never make this into a movie. It’s too much about them.” – YouTube comment

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