“Enroll in this free course on American citizenship today!”

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HIllsdale College has this great ad on Facebook right now. They figure what’s wrong with America is a lack of knowledge. Why if only they could educate us, everything would be hunky-dory.

A lot of groups have this same philosophy. The Eagle Forum, John Birch Society, various patriot groups. As someone who worked that side for quite awhile, that’s not what I observed.

Take just one group: Liberals. Liberals aren’t liberals because they haven’t been handed the right tri-fold pamphlet or attended the right speakers event. They’re liberals because their stupid.

You can’t cure that. I got out of the clutches of liberalism, because I’m smart. That’s rare though. Most people are stupid. Republicanism is barely any better. I’ve found 99% of Republicans will never progress to conservatives.

For some reason, most people “know everything”. You can’t tell them anything. For some reason I was different. After the NAFTA betrayal, I knew something was pretty fucked up in La La Land. So I started listening. Whether it was on TV or radio, if I started to hear something approaching the truth, my ears perked up.

If you know the time frame for NAFTA you know I voted for Clinton in ’92. By ’95 I knew the truth. And the truth set me free. Oh so that means that since that time I’ve always voted for Republicans? Hardly! I voted for Sarah Palin in ’08 and Trump in ’16. That’s it.

So that’s why I had to laugh at the Hillsdale ad. All they’re going to do is preach to the choir. And the people they preach to will think salvation lies in the Republican Party! Ha. Nah, the GOP is the straw man. The GOP is built to fail.

Republicans really don’t understand that. And that’s what I’ll never understand. After 160 years of watching Republicans accomplish nothing, it occurred to me that there was a problem (I’m quick like that). Not so with the masses. They never will detect they are being taken for a ride.

Its kind of like the original American Revolution. About 1/3 of the people wanted to stay with Britain. 1/3 didn’t care. And 1/3 wanted to be free. That 1/3 was able to tip the scales and the rest is history.

So that’s basically what it comes down to. Unless about 60 million citizens decide to visit DC on the same day, willing to risk their life, their liberty and their property, absolutely nothing will change. Nothing. You can hold online courses and pass out pamphlets till the cows come home, and nothing is going to change. Can’t fight stupid.

Which side is willing to put it all on the line?

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