Tom DeWeese

Tom DeWeese was on Christian radio this afternoon. I’d kind of vaguely heard of him, but I couldn’t have told you why. He is president of the American Policy Center. Just a little research reveals the Southern Poverty Law Center has put several hit pieces out on him. A number of videos on YouTube are around 10 years old. Which coincides with his appearances on FOX.

It kind of looks like establishment types were successful to some degree in marginalizing him, which is what they do to anyone who is a threat. The ones who are not a threat will always be on TV. Then you have ones like Alex Jones who helped them marginalize himself. He just lost a lawsuit where the parents on the Sandy Hook children sued him for “defamation”. How that works in the land of free speech I don’t know.

Tom’s just up on everything that threatens American’s freedom. So I’ll be looking him up more.

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