Back when Americans lived in California

Love these old films!

This film is a great one, a time when America was at its zenith. Great stuff. Insomniacs do different things in the early hours when no one else is awake. In years past on Christmas morning in the wee hours I liked to listen to interesting radio shows. In the early morning like that you could catch a wide variety of shows as they came from all over due to ‘skip’.

I’m flipping around and I got nothing. The strongest signal in central Iowa comes on, WHO 1040 am in Des Moines. Christmas morning and what do they got? Dr Michael Pinkus and his jellyfish brain supplement! Too classic! They have to have the laziest programmer in radio history. But why not? They don’t have to compete. 95% of the radio stations in any market are all iHeart Radio.

If you don’t like them you’re out of luck, there’s nobody else. Which is why I turned to the internet. Oh my gawd it was bad this morning. This driving video from the ’50s was definitely tops. I couldn’t even get into gun videos this morning. How many 9mm handguns do we need? We are so poorly served by manufacturers. They have every caliber you want, as long as its 9mm. Which is funny because the ones I’m most accurate with are the smaller calibers, less recoil (though I do have my moments with my 1911 Commander model in .45 that I’ve had for 30 years).

“Expert” after expert will tell you that with handguns its shot placement, not caliber. They might as well be talking to a brick wall, keyboard commandos know what they know and that’s all that matters. Which is funny, because .38 Special is out of vogue, even though its a .002 larger bullet than the vaunted 9mm. And comparing +P to +P, they’re both traveling at a top speed around 1,100 feet per second. But the .38 is ‘fud’ and the 9mm is ‘cool’.

I never said posts had to make any sense. Don’t wait till 2:40 pm in the afternoon on Christmas Eve to try and buy a pumpkin pie at Walmart. All they have is “no sugar added” and “sweet potato pie”. Okay, but not prime. Thank God they did have Cool Whip, which covers a multitude of sins. They also had a 10-pack of Christmas cards for $10, so there’s that.

No but getting back to the video above, and what a great country and great opportunities we had back then, it just makes you puke to see what our leaders have done to this country. Senator Grassley of Iowa has been serving in one capacity or another since 1959.

[Oh and, “Bomb Shelters $795!”]

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