Yes but what did he do?

'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley sentenced to 41 months in prison for role in US Capitol riot
Jeff Angeli sentenced to 41 months

This guy has always intrigued me. He wore a faux fur and horn headdress into the Capitol Building while carrying a US Flag. But what did he get 41 months for? I understand the media loved photographing him and saying, “See! See! Trump supporters are odd ducks!” Yeah, so, what was he sentenced to 41 months for? They can’t even get his name right. I’ve seen Jeff Angeli, Jacob Chansley, Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley, well? What did he do? Other than make the establishment pee their pants?

Image result for Jacob Anthony Angeli Chansley

[But on a COVID note, masks, washing hands and 6′ social distancing are said to have been what wiped out the flu from America (from 38 million cases the year before COVID to 1,822 the year of COVID). So if masks, hand washing and social distancing wiped out the flu, why didn’t it wipe out the COVID?]

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