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The advantage the government had in taking over education, was that they could control what wasn’t being taught and keep everybody stupid. The latest crisis in the Woke Olympics is the actual Olympics coming up in Chyna! People are suddenly discovering, “Hey you know those Chinese aren’t very nice (torture, imprisonment, genocide) to their own people!” Its evidently become so obvious they can no longer hide it behind mountains of corporate profit.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo “really regrets” not moving the Olympics out of China. Various athletes and actors talk about a boycott of the athletic events, not China, but the Olympics. Douglas MacArthur had a great observation about our government always operating in crisis. Which caused me to say ‘they never see anything coming and they don’t know why we’re here’. I think it was Kurt Vonnegut who saw this century as belonging to China over 60 years ago.

It could have been Joseph Heller who was more WW II oriented and saw the stupidity we were committing at the time with Mao and Chiang Kai-shek, virtually guaranteeing how the next 100 years would turn out. But right on cue our officials act like ‘who could have seen this coming??’ Like I said earlier our government has kept everyone so stupid that basic ‘Big Picture’ economic principles are not understood by vast numbers of Americans.

Number 1 perhaps on the list of not understood things perhaps is that a sound economy has to have sound money. But Number 2 surely has to be that if you want to increase the wealth of a nation you have to make things. I know, right? Bold theory there. But a service oriented economy can put the face of wealth on things for awhile, but if you’re not making things using the raw materials of the earth, you’re just shuffling money around.

And China has been the world’s factory for a lot of years now. You can take shots at their economy in a lot of sectors and over a lot of policies, but the bottom line is they make things. They create wealth where there was none. One of the best examples I saw recently was when it was pointed out China’s navy could build a destroyer for 1/6th the price we pay, because they actually make the steel and electronics involved. But the “pretenders” like to believe that by not having manufacturing in America, we’re more environmentally pure.

Its like they really don’t understand China is just pissing in the other end of the pool. There’s going to be a certain amount of pollution associated with manufacturing, its simply a matter of are you going to have it in a capitalistic country that has an incentive not to destroy their own property, or in a communist country where they have no such incentive? What little manufacturing we have is light years ahead of China as regards pollution control.

But these basic concepts Americans really don’t have. Thus they are able to be lied to and manipulated.

So they can do all this folderol about boycotting the Olympics, but there are substantially larger fish to fry. China basically has the world ‘by the short hairs’. No one can match their manufacturing prowess, so that eliminates competing with them economically or on the battlefield.

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