When logic fails

“Democrats: Twitter is a private company they can do whatever they want.

Me: Aren’t y’all the ones that ruined a man’s life for not baking you a cake?”

I saw that on Philip Anderson’s account on Gab. Big ol’ Twitter gets a pass when censoring whomever they want, but them gay people can litigate out of existence a baker, a wedding chapel, a photographer and God knows who else. They didn’t want any services from those people anyway, all they wanted was a lawsuit. The latest conservative to get kicked off Twitter was Georgia Rep Marjorie Taylor-Greene.

The cartoon below of the amputees being led astray by the crutch seller, was a perfect analogy to big pharma and their vaccines. Two of my favorite logic ‘fails’ had to do with abortion. The establishment is always yammering about the need for more workers, well if you hadn’t of killed off around 50 million babies since 1973, there’d be a lot more workers wouldn’t there?

The other was when libs crawl over ground glass to keep a murderer from being executed. Someone who has gone through due process and has been found guilty. But a baby? They’ll kill him or her without blinking an eye.

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