A Night to Remember

TCM is showing the 1958 classic about the sinking of the Titanic. Its the first time it struck me with parallels to today in America’s sinking ship of state. All the warnings they had along the way. The safety equipment they knowingly didn’t have onboard. The stubborn insistence to keep on sailing at night when more prudent captains had stopped. The arrogance.

But the one that really kills me (killed them), was that it was the rich and powerful who had made all the dumb decisions. The decisions that got them into that mess, then once they were there as to who would live and die. The poor people had the gates locked on steerage, so even if they had wanted a fighting chance in the frigid waters, that chance was stolen from them.

The decision had been made for them, you’re going to die. Its the rich who got in the lifeboats.

Congress is going to float themselves a life raft in the coming years for them and their rich buddies. Its you and I that will go down with the ship. A lot of people say this untested gene therapy they’re passing off as vaccines, are really about sterilization. On a different note, I had never heard a good reason why China would want to go to war with us. Then it was pointed out China needs our farmland, they can’t feed their people. Plus the elites wouldn’t mind, as the Chinese people are used to being work slaves.

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