News outlet chooses bottled fart story over corruption

No I did not make that up (Reality Star Ends Up in Hospital After Selling Farts Online). I’d realized sometime ago looking at the FOX News and Breitbart pages on Facebook, that they liked to regal readers with the most inane (but eye-catching) stories. That’s all well and good to devote a portion of your menu to lighthearted stories, but they seemed to have grown to a ridiculous amount.

As an unfortunate viewer of CNBC, Scott Gottlieb’s payoff from Pfizer had been well known to me. Its the others on the graphic above that really added to that sinking feeling. Its not that the individuals involved would sell their soul for a buck, that’s to be expected. No, its that the ‘watchdogs’, the media, don’t care. They’d rather get clicks from a busty young lady selling bottled farts.


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