The Masonic Overview

By Sergeant Robert Horton

Bo Gritz had all this in the 70’s and people thought he was nuts. He was on the ballot for President the first time I voted.

“Sergeant Robert Leroy Horton (US ARMY CIVIL AFFAIRS & PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS COMMAND) Trains US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS – explains how Russell Jay Gould & David Winn Miller saved our Republic in 1999.

This video (at the Rumble link below) is long but well worth your time. Once you understand how the USA Corporation ties to the banking system then Trumps plans for the Republic of the USA will become clear.

What country holds most of our debt? CHINA! Once the USA Corporation is desolved it will effect CHINA’s economy this is why they wanted Biden in the White House. China owns Biden, the voter fraud & stolen votes cannot stand…..” – Rumble

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