The 1st Amendment died last week

How Infowars host Alex Jones pushed the First Amendment to its limit

Alex Jones

It came out last week the parents of the Sandy Hook school shooting were able to successfully sue Alex Jones for “defamation”. The more I thought about it, the more I was left scratching my head. So what if Jones came up with some wild ass theory about Sandy Hook being a CIA ‘false flag’ operation, how is that a sue-able offense that bankrupts him?? I did a search: “How come Alex Jones doesn’t have freedom of speech?” At the top of the search was this MSNBC article.

The MSNBC article has 2 gaping holes in it. The first is that Jones’ speech caused the “parents of the slain children to be subjected to threats and harassment“. A.) I don’t believe it, and B.) How is that Jones’ fault if they did ? He didn’t direct or even imply to his listeners to go out and do that. There’s no connectivity to what Jones said and to what they allege.

The other hole in MSNBC’s logic is that therefore because of Jones’ speech, the government was required to “sanction” him. Sanction? In what respect is that a legal term or action in regard to the 1st Amendment? They didn’t show harm. The parents didn’t like what Jones said, but they didn’t prove harm. It was basically a decision that said, “We the Establishment do not like Jones, therefore we shall punish his speech.”

And nobody on the right (or left) sees a problem with this. Alex Jones was the perfect target in their first step at censorship. Obama and Hillary have both been pushing for “regulation” of online speech. The 1st Amendment doesn’t protect speech you like, it protects speech you don’t like.

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