“COVID is obedience training. For the New World Order we need a much deeper and permanent compliance”

Did ‘Jacob Rothschild’ even say the quote? Its one of the gazillion of questionable things you’ll find on Gab. Could be. Today’s “conspiracy theory” has been turning out to be tomorrow’s fact. COVID was a way to get rid of Trump that got out of hand. What started simply as a way to close the pols to in person voting and rig the mail-in vote, has taken on a life of its own for all kinds of societal changes. All I do know, is that this is not the country I grew up in.

The reason #2000 Mules is being ghosted by the media and most politicians is obvious. It’s true. They have no idea what to do next. They can’t admit it but they also can’t dismiss it on its merits. They have to pretend it is simply not happening. That’s not sustainable. – Ron Pyle 

Published by Iowa Life

Experiencing life in Iowa.

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