‘Malicious compliance’

FOX News by way of Tucker Carlson does a great job on issues that other people won’t even touch, including at their own station. The shortage of baby formula is just the latest example. I find it all interesting as I am like a lot of men, we are ‘fixers’. We look at an issue and say, “That’s stupid, why are you doing that?” With the Biden administration, there is a lot of that to go around.

Under The Great One (Donald Trump), he would have been at the loading dock himself, driving a forklift putting pallets on the truck. He would have initiated the Defense Industrialization Act and initiated Operation: ‘White Lightning’, to get baby formula on store shelves as quick as possible.

Compare that to the Abbott CEO interview yesterday where he said, well yes the plant is now open, but its going to be 2 months before we get it on the shelves. You throw ‘the book’ out the fucking window and you get it in the Walmart in 10 Days, not 2 months. Babies – food – eating, how do you possibly not get this? This isn’t toilet paper, this is baby food!

The FDA cleared the plant to reopen 2 months ago, what the hell have you been doing? Pretend like its your own food you moron and make it happen! Then other things start occurring to you, why isn’t our neighbor to the north shipping some down? Why isn’t Mexico? We’re all one big happy family under NAFTA and the North American Union, why aren’t they helping us out in our time of need?

Why isn’t Europe? How many countries have we bailed out how many times, and now we can’t get help?? Its unbelievable! But a lot of it comes back to how much of this “shortage” is just the opportunistic nature of corporations seeing a great price gouging opportunity? We never did get a straight answer on the cause of the ‘Great Toilet Paper Apocalypse’. All we ever got was the surface deep clip from the CEO, “We’re working as hard as we can!”

They never went to the guy on the loading dock. The guy on the line. The suppliers. They never dug. And they’re not digging now.

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