Couldn’t get it done

Clinton 2016 campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann got off yesterday on charges he lied to the FBI. 3 of the jurors were Clinton donors. 1 had a daughter who was in the same dance class as Sussmann’s daughter. No matter, the crooked DC Judge said no conflict! Smart people on Gab and whatnot always have something good to say about it after having 24 hours to think about it and process it.

The meme above by Catturd is one example (even if he does go ‘bathroom ‘ a lot of times). Another is by a Doctor Milton Wolf that I’ll put below. He caught fame on Gab for catching the inconsistencies during the psychodrama of the COVID-19 response.

This much is clear: A government as corrupt as ours cannot endure. Our two-tiered legal system simply is not sustainable.

How do great nations collapse?
Gradually and then suddenly

My brilliant comment to his post was to look at it like a house with termites. You don’t notice anything for the longest time, a little shifting. Then, BOOM! She all falls down. Its not good for a society when the elites are untouchable. Its always quaint to look at what Nixon resigned over compared to today’s outlaws in Washington.

But the related thought came to me as it does once in awhile when I saw the meme above. The entire infrastructure of Washington DC, regardless of who is in power, is just organically “Democratic” (big ‘D’ not little ‘d’). And its not just the nation’s capital, its the same way in any big city, as evidenced by what happened when it came time to count the votes the night of November 8, 2020.

Democrats in about every precinct controlled the room, controlled the counting of the ballots. Chose when to stop counting, then lied, and restarted in the wee hours of the morning with no one watching. Who made the call to stop counting that night? In six states simultaneously? States are in charge of elections, who would have made a national call?

But thinking back to that 2020 election, there was one item they promised. Everyone kind of knew ‘the fix was in’ for the Democrats. They knew they were going to have it all and run the board on their agenda. And the one item that they always run on but it just never gets quite passed, they’re always just “one vote” short on, and it looked like it would be a slam dunk on. Raising the minimum wage.

And nary a comment was made on it. So much for being the party of “the little guy”. There was no excuse this time. They had all the levers of power.

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