Tulsa, Oklahoma police say 5 dead, including gunman after hospital shooting

Cops in a parking lot doing the ‘strut and pose’ after a massacre

Man these shootings drive me crazy, and its a short drive. You know the criminally inclined 35 year old black man is going to have an arrest record as long as your arm. So how are we going to reconcile it when they inevitably say, “He bought the guns legally“? No! He never should have been able to buy those guns “legally”. Lazy cops don’t press charges, lazy prosecutors don’t prosecute. The press won’t begin to tell us the real story on this guy. It was an obscure little news site that got off their ass to go talk to someone who actually knew the Uvalde shooter, to tell us what he was really like.

This Tulsa jogger did not wake up and commit the first crime of his life. No! It didn’t happen that way. That nigger been committing crimes for 20 years. He was taught in school he could get away with figurative murder and in his low IQ brain it grew to where he thought he could commit real murder. Schools have been operating for so long on the “don’t make the back kids angry” philosophy. They are not doing anyone a favor by doing that. They make black schools a war zone where zero learning takes place.

They turn out savages without a thought in their head. Except twerking, drinking and drive by shootings. How does it help kids to create these madhouse schools where even the good ones would find it impossible to learn? How does it help the bad kids to in essence tell them, “You don’t have to work hard. You don’t have to behave. We won’t hold you accountable because of your skin color. Its not your fault you’re a moron, its everyone else’s.”

And after society telling him for 20 years its not his fault for his sad state of affairs, the dumb nigger kills people. Then they say, “Nobody saw this coming, he was such a nice guy.” No he wasn’t. Then they’ll get his mama on camera and she’ll say, “He was a good boy, he dindu nuffin.” And they won’t bother telling you he wasn’t raised by his crackhead mama, he was raised by his grandma (black women for some reason can’t grow up till they’re 40). Never did have a daddy.

And so it will be the guns fault! And they’ll come for mine.

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