“Drag shows for kids!”

Mainstreaming perversion. Libraries. Schools. In Texas last week, the same week adults left children to die in an elementary at the hands of a shooter, they hold a “drag show for kids” in a gay bar. I saw a meme last week in reference to the Uvalde massacre, where the guy was saying I never thought I’d see the day when armed Texans would leave school kids to die. Well they didn’t.

Those were Mexicans. It may say they are Texans on their drivers license, but they’re not. They don’t have the character, breeding, honesty, courage and trustworthiness to be Texans. They’re Mexicans. That’s why they cut and ran in the face of danger.

There are no geographical solutions. Moving them north simply moved them north. They just brought their dysfunction with them. All you are doing by moving them north is ruining this country.

For the longest time in conservative circles you’d hear about the 1963 court ruling that took God out of the schools. I’d always just pass it off as a bunch of cranks. But really, now, I can see a lot of truth to that. The answer of course isn’t to put ‘God’ in government schools, its to wake up to the notion that government isn’t supposed to be in the schools. People should have the school of their choice. We don’t just have one government ran retail store.

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