“Starbucks closing NY cafe in what union calls retaliation”

Labor – management negotiations don’t work without a “social contract”, a mutual understanding that each side in the end needs the other (FOX News: Starbucks closing NY cafe in what union calls retaliation). Reagan some say broke that social contract and destroyed the labor movement when he worked with meatpacking and construction to bust their very strong unions with illegals. And of course when he fired the air traffic controllers. He gave the signal to industry nationwide that it was okay to disregard unions and hire scabs. Illinois as an example as it sits surrounded by “right to work states”.

Now the federal government for over 40 years has chosen sides by keeping the border wide open to illegals, and expanding H1, H2 & H3 visa program to ridiculous proportions. Different only in degree from 1914 when Rockefeller hired men to murder the striking miners at the ‘Ludlow Massacre‘ (Colorado). Actually using the State Militia to do it. Incredible. So companies like Starbucks, Amazon and Walmart, despite their political posturing have no interest in reviving that social contract. Similar to when our own government turned its back on vets and workers when the ‘Bonus Army’ marched on Washington and was defeated when Attorney General Mitchell had soldiers open fire on them. 1932.

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