I thought fences didn’t work?

If fences don’t work, why were they so against Trump’s fence? And when Trump and a few others wanted fair trade, they’d say, “Well you can’t put a wall around America!” So walls do work? And anyway, how do you have a country without a border? It ceases to be a country doesn’t it? If you don’t have a border, how are you going to define what or where a country is?

Then I saw where a guy pointed out what was going on in 1920’s and 1930’s Germany. Its just a few short years after the communists success in Russia, and they are trying to repeat that success in Germany. In fact its been noted that the home of communism has always been a Franco-Saxon alliance. They were fomenting a rebellion in Germany.

In old New York when the Jews had grabbed monopolistic control of an industry they’d refuse to trade with an outsider (goy), until he had paid tribute to Israel and had gotten a Gold Star to prove it. They are perfectly fine with treating others, in ways they would never acquiesce to.

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