A man-made disaster

The vaccine salesman

The bible talks about this phenomenon. The world has always seen evil. But in just the last few years it is accelerating at an unbelievable pace. Each day we’re bombarded with some new crime or punishment out of our “leaders”. We’ve barely had time to digest the transgression from the day before, and they are assaulting our senses from the day before. Forget last week or the month before. Its just a snowball of disgusting getting bigger and bigger. Are we in “the last days”? Considering what they are doing with gene-splicing and genetics and “trans-humanism”, I’d have to say so. I think the time for God to smote us is drawing near.

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  1. God is never pleased when arrogance and unquenchable thirst for power start damaging His beloved creation. I do feel sorry for those who are on the wrong side, whether they chose it knowingly or out of sheer ignorance. The price they’ll pay, according to God’s Word, will involve an unbearable heat and the gnashing of teeth.

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    1. Thanks for commenting. Yeah I just don’t see how it continues for much longer. I just don’t. Its coming right up on 2,000 years. A ‘drop in the bucket’? Or God’s chosen time. Glad you’re prepared.


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