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You can tell who rules over you by who you can’t criticize

The corollary to that, the evidence of the Jewish Mafia that runs this country is what happens when you cross it. Kanye West found that out real quick. They are in the process of cancelling him right now. Nike dropped him, Adidas dropped him. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out his own dog dropped him.

The guy who helped me flesh out all of this is Nick Fuentes. 24 years old no less. He’s been cancelled about as much as a human being can be cancelled without being dead. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you name it he’s been kicked off. He’s not even on the one platform that would take him, Gab. He goes on there and a certain segment wants to destroy him for being gay.

So as far as I know the only platform he is on is Telegram. Whoever “Three Spoons” is put Nick’s latest show (10/19) up on Gab. He says “Kanye has decided to go to war with the Jewish media.” Nick knows the reaction he’s going to get from his audience, we’ve been so conditioned to have this “allergic” reaction to anyone who even tries to talk about it.

The “Jewish Mafia” elite that runs this country. You’ll hear foreign leaders talk about it openly from time to time (i.e. the President of Mexico or Hungary), but no one in the United States will. Like what I opened up with, all Kanye’s corporate ties are being severed. He’s in the process of buying Parlor, and frankly I see that as the only way he survives. Parlor, Musk with Twitter, Trump with Truth Social, its now or never.

One of the first things Nick talks about in the video I’ve linked to, is the over representation that 2% (2.4) of the population has in key leadership positions: Academia, media, the corporate world, banking, entertainment, etc. As he puts it, they’re not over represented on standardized tests. Someone who is, Asians, are not over represented in positions of power. They have better academic records, but they’re not rewarded.

Nick goes over who runs Ivy League Institutions. This is absolutely critical as the Ivy League is almost exclusively the pool from whom Federal Judges, Cabinet positions, Presidents, Congressional Leadership, upper level tech industry, Wall Street banks, are drawn from. 7 of 8 of those Ivy League university presidents are Jewish. That’s not normal that’s not good.

3 out of 4 Federal Reserve Chairman since ’87 have been Jewish (only when the outsider Trump appointed Powell in 2018 was the streak snapped). 3 out of 3 of the top music labels (Kanye’s field). Virtually all Biden’s Cabinet is Jewish. 17 of the top 27 presidential donors. 5 of the Big 6 media companies are run by Jews. 17 out of 25 of the top hedge fund managers. IQ doesn’t account for that. Chance doesn’t account for that.

Merit doesn’t account for it. Things that do are patronage, nepotism, Mafia like tactics, organized exclusion. As Nick says, the guy working at Best Buy or is a line factory worker isn’t going to run into this, be aware of it. But as he puts it, anyone in the upper levels of banking, medicine, academia, entertainment, they sure as heck will be. They know exactly what Kanye is talking about.

Right now Kanye is on his own. Its lonely being ‘point’. He is going to have a rough time of it. As Nick put it, “If this Mafia doesn’t exist, if Jews don’t control things, what are his friends afraid of?” Sarah Silverman can come out in a “Christian country” and denigrate Christians 6 ways from Sunday and nothing will happen to her. One whisper about Jews and you are finished.

Jews are the oldest identifiable ethnic group. They are the most organized. They revel in their persecution (real or imagined), and their religion consequently uses this as justification to target their perceived “enemies”. This is very similar to Islam. Its okay to lie to a non-Jew. Its okay to steal from them, cheat them. Goyim are considered as less than human. They are under no obligation to break the Sabbath to save the life of a non-Jew. The basis for this, their religion, is not actually the Torah, but the Talmud. There’s a reason they don’t want you reading it, or want you discussing it.

They’re not neutral towards Jesus, they hate him. That carries over to Christians. In their mind Hitler was a Christian, and no different than any other. If you then consider that Jews are undeniably in critical positions throughout American society, and they hate what they see as Christian America, things all of a sudden make a lot more sense. If there is no other a way to account for something, then maybe the obvious answer is the answer?

If there is not a Jewish Mafia, than why is Kanye being destroyed? If Jews don’t run society, then why are we not allowed to talk about any aspect of Jewish life? Or culture? We’ve been so conditioned to not even consider the idea, anyone who does is considered crazy. In the latest flap with Kanye, I notice the media is quick to characterize what he said, but not tell you what he said. Its all part of the propaganda, that only the approved narrative be told.

Republicans in general know that something is wrong in America. They each have their favorite villain. The educational system. The Federal Reserve. Wall Street. Mass immigration. The destruction of the family. Pornography and declining values. The attack on Christianity. Yes! It is all those things! And what is the one thing they all have in common?

I noticed early on with Trump that while he garnered hate from many corners, the ones that hated him most of all were gays, Mexicans and Jews. Forget the first two, but why Jews? (and if they do control the media it would explain the non-stop hate wouldn’t it?) Trump embodied the idea that Gab Founder Andrew Torba has been promoting: Christian Nationalism. The only thing that can save this country.

And the one thing Jews would despise most of all.

This isn’t the original (Oy Vey, Shut It Down – the Goyim Know Too Much), but its okay. It covers the total conspiracy top to bottom. Every bit of it. I have no idea who he is. The channel name is ‘Foundring’. YouTube deleted the original. What does that tell you?

[Foundring is the moniker of pianist and singer/songwriter Kylan deGhetaldi. One of the world’s foremost authorities on ragtime and other early jazz piano styles, Foundring is also known for his satirical songs about conspiracies and other social commentary, in the style of Tom Lehrer. In addition to studying with legendary ragtime pianist Tom Brier, Foundring has also joined pop jazz sensation Postmodern Jukebox on multiple world tours. Foundring is an avid word games enthusiast, and can claim to be among the world’s fastest anagrammers.]

Actually the parallels between Kylan and Kanye are spooky. The interview with Kylan is terrifying in regards to what has and is happening to him.

What I never understood was that after the Jews were successful with the communist takeover in Russia, they moved on to do the same thing in Spain. And Germany. Communist subversives were real, a clear and present danger.

That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. They bring nothing positive to society. A net-negative.


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