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Kanye: Jews have power and use it to influence powerful people.

Jews to Kanye:

Concert at Sofi Stadium cancelled
-Suspended on Instagram
-Suspended on Twitter
-Fox News documentary scrapped
-Banned from Fox News
-Interview on The Shop cancelled
-Drink Champs interview deleted
-Banned by JP Morgan Chase
-Boycotted by WME
-Deal with Balenciaga terminated
-Boycotted by Vogue Magazine
-Dropped by CAA talent agent
-MRC documentary scrapped
-Boycotted by UTA
-Disavowed by ex-wife and family
-Banned from Daily Wire
-$1.5 billion Adidas deal terminated
-$1 billion Gap deal terminated
-Boycotted by Foot Locker
-Disaffiliated from Def Jam
-Assistant and lawyer resign
-Wax figure removed from museum
-Banned from KANO STEM player


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