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Rep. Thomas Massie: CDC Is Lying About The Efficacy Of The Vaccine For People Who Already Had COVID

The “snowball” of truth is starting to come out as regards the “vaccine” (experimental mRNA gene therapy), but that’s not the larger truth I’m trying to point out here. It just hit me this morning with Representaive Massie. When he first got in the House of Representatives 10 years ago the media first ignored him then tried to portray him as a “nut”.

The truth is he is one of the few in the House working for the people instead of the corporations or Deep State. There’s a segment of conservatism that gets a thrill from exposing the latest Deep State shenanigans or CIA plot. The aliens at Area 51 or the underwater facility in the Bermuda Triangle.

All that is fun, but its not very practical or helpful. Instead of running out the door with your hair on fire about what George Soros and Klaus Schwab are doing this weekend at Davos, do something practical. Get more “Massie’s” elected to the House. On Twitter are the “active of the active” politically, and even among them are very few who do anything worth while to get good people elected to the House.

$25 bucks, $50 bucks, if everyone did it it would make a huge difference. 12% of Americans say they contribute to a candidate. .52% contribute above the $200 dollar amount where a candidate has to itemize it. The bottom line is very few conservatives actually put their money where their mouth is. I gave twice to candidate Zach Nunn in District 3 (I’m in District 4). I also gave once to a State Legislative candidate from Boone.

People just don’t get it. They like to get all excited about the Presidential race and stake all their hopes on that. We saw what happened. Trump did the impossible and got elected to no avail. The lack of support in Congress doomed him, as did the courts (not to mention his own inexperience). As the Birchers say over and over, if America is going to be saved its going to have to come from the House of Representatives. Those take the least amount of money and votes to win.

Tom Massie, Chip Roy, Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, kind of Jim Jordan, those are about the only 5 worth a damn in the House. There has to be more that get put in if this country is to be saved. Fretting and re-Tweeting about George Soros isn’t going to do it.


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