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Don’t know if its true, but it sure as hell is plausible

“Did you know the jewish mafia got their hands on pictures of Hoover sucking dicks and used it to blackmail his FBI (whose director was one of the guys Hoover was sucking off) into derailing the Irish and Italian mafias?

This essentially led to a huge jewish mobster named Meyer Lansky making money off of Cuban casinos, which Castro shut down when he came into power, so the jewish gangster lobbied for sanctions on Cuba which led to Cuba hooking up with Russia and the entire Cuban Missile Crisis. This was all alluded to in The Godfather Part II, actually.

ANYHOO that whole thing led to the jewish mafia controlled CIA attempting to firebomb Miami so they could blame Cuba for the attack, which was foiled by none other than JFK himself, which led him down a path that redpilled him so hard he got shot in the head in front of the entire world and replaced with the president who then made nonwhite immigration legal in the United States.

Long story short, we lost America because some faggot couldn’t keep dicks out of his mouth and jews are conniving pieces of shit.”

[Saw that on Gab. I know I sure as hell don’t know the history of the “mob” and the FBI (I repeat myself). It sure sounds possible.]

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