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Kennedy Magic?

Does “Kennedy Magic” exist? (RFK Jr above) I’m willing to put $500 bucks on it. But then I’m not the ‘normal’. Any journalist or political watcher over the age of 65 knows exactly what I’m talking about. Does it exist in 2023? When a typical 40 year old’s life experience only goes back to 1983? I don’t know. JFK Jr was on the threshold, until an “accident” occurred running against Hillary for New York Senate. Bobby here hasn’t been in ‘politics’ as far as I know, he’s been an environmental lawyer.

It came out last night that he is considering a run for President. I hope he runs. Your typical 69 year old “nothing but a lawyer” couldn’t do that and have it be credible, Bobby can. Its the over-65 crowd that remembers his family, and they’re the ones that vote. Bobby is 12 years younger than Joe Biden, and a gazillion more times more lucid. This is it, this is his run. Taking out an incumbent is a huge hill to climb, he only has to ask uncle Ted about that when he tried to take out Carter in ’80.

Why would I even be concerned about this less than 24 hours after the news came out? After the Democrat betrayal of labor with NAFTA back in ’93 I left the Left. For the past 30 years I’ve been on the “far right”, the last people to give a damn about jobs and putting America first. And those grassroots people on the right, the Birchers, to a man had the utmost respect for JFK and RFK. Not all of them did in the 60’s, but they sure as hell do know.

The reason Kenndy Magic existed was because it was the perfect melding of left and right. It was pro-labor, it was non-interventionist, it was smaller government, it was pro freedom, pro-environment, it was pro people it was pro America. I don’t know for sure where Bobby’s at, but I spotted him on Twitter a couple of months ago as the man I wanted.

I thought 2016 was my last vote, but I’ll make 1 more for Bobby.


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