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Dil… DIL!

Don’t worry about it man! Not a thing wrong with anything you said. Period. You’re a good person. I just watched Howie Kurtz talk about your video with his panel on Media Buzz, a bunch a hyperventilating ninnies (all white ninnies as per usual). They’d never say what Scott Adams said in a million years (1.2 million actually).

I’ve watched “the speech” several times now. I can’t find a wrong word. If anything he was too kind. What started him off was a poll saying half of black people don’t think its okay for you to be white. He calls them a hate group. He says he wants no part of people like that. He goes on to say even Don Lemon has said when he lived in black neighborhoods he had problems there that you just don’t have in white neighborhoods.

No shit Sherlock you were living around a bunch of niggers. That happens in black neighborhoods. Its even worse for white people, we find it near impossible to tell the blacks from the niggers, at least until we get to know them. Scott also said he was tired of seeing videos everyday of niggers (he said black people) kicking the shit out of white people.

As he said, for what? You give you give you give, and then you’re told by half of them its not even okay to be white? Well, fuck you.

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