No bounds! Zero! Zip! Nada!

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds. It simply can’t. I guess a meme over the weekend went viral showing Biden sending $33 billion to Ukraine, up against a picture showing a crumbling Philadelphia. The issue with the leak overnight concerning Roe vs Wade, is that the left cannot grasp that even if it were overturned, abortion legality would simply be remanded back to the states. Then you have them going batshit crazy (a more and more common state for them) over the very idea (!) of Elon Musk (African American) buying Twitter! They are experiencing an apoplectic fit over the idea of Americans having free speech!


“Soon, the same people who mandated injections will be chanting ‘My Body, My Choice’ “

We must stop disinformation!

I’m not exactly sure when it was America drove off the road and into the ditch, but I know it was during my lifetime. How did it happen? Well more and more people are starting to admit it was because communists took a “long march” through our institutions. People really don’t grasp what a pivotal year 1917 was, and also what transpired during the 10 years immediately after WW II that was driving McCarthy nuts. That period from 1917 to 1953 was simply pivotal. Nowadays you have just this screwball shit of men dressing up and pretending to be women. Playing sports with them. Going to the bathroom with them. Just perverted shit. And the media makes it out like everybody agrees with this shit. And it just ain’t so.

Cities with the Top 10 murder rates:

1.) Saint Louis, Missouri
2.) Baltimore, Maryland
3.) Birmingham, Alabama
4.) Detroit, Michigan
5.) Dayton, Ohio
6.) Baton Rouge, Louisiana
7.) New Orleans, Louisiana
8.) Kansas, City Missouri
9.) Memphis, Tennessee
10.) Cleveland, Ohio

Chicago, which conservative news sites obsess about, comes in at a distant 28.

What planet exactly are they from?

You don’t have to go far to find an article on Leftists going batshit crazy over Elon Musk buying (maybe) Twitter. They look at free speech as a threat or a problem. Its like what in the hell are they thinking? I’ve actually talked to a Leftist about this, they’re not even rational. You can’t reason with irrational people. Hope to hell he makes it.

[“Senate Dems considering calling Elon Musk to testify on Twitter buy“]

Eerie similarities

Breitbart had a fun piece this morning comparing the administrations of Jimmy Carter and Joe Biden. Conservatives like to do these real surface comparisons about inflation and say, “See! Democrats can’t handle money!” Well, that’s true, but nobody in Washington can. That’s why we’re $30 trillion in debt.

Yes Carter had inflation, but did he cause it? Or did he inherit it? And what were the root causes of it? Was it at all similar to the inflation under Biden? Carter didn’t cause any of it and Biden caused half of it.

Nixon had W.I.N. (whip inflation now) and price controls. Inflation was already raging under him. The ’73 Arab Oil Embargo set it on fire, but the slow burn started in ’71. The other contributor to inflation the author didn’t mention was Nixon taking us off the gold standard. France was saying okay I want gold, Nixon panicked.

The other big omission was that while Reagan did cut taxes for the rich (one was he put a salary cap for SSA withholding’s for the wealthy), he dramatically raised them on the working class SSA and Medicare. Not to mention a lot of Reagan’s “success” was from doing it on the “credit card”. He didn’t pay for any of it. He came into office with approx $926 billion in debt, he left with $2.7 trillion in debt. He tripled the national debt.

There was no magic. He indebted his grandchildren. But the big collapse of course was Nixon creating the EPA in ’71 and having them within 3 years outlaw sulfur emissions. One outward example of that was it killed the ‘muscle car’ craze, with the birth of fuel standards. But where it killed the economy for all time was by telling industry they couldn’t have sulfur emissions they went overseas.

Biden’s two gunshots were also self inflicted. He has continued the policy of just printing money out of thin air “in response to COVID“, but the other (once again) was oil prices. It is not the oil free for all it was under Trump. Couple that with “Russian embargoes” and we are fucked. Prices have doubled. An economy can’t handle that. Repercussions are swift and harsh.

So the bottom line is Carter didn’t cause ‘his’ inflation, Biden has.

The other eerie similarity was with both their (Carter & Biden) predecessors. Nixon was almost impeached, Trump was impeached. What we have to look forward to (if anything), was that Carter was followed by what was perceived to be one of the strongest and greatest Presidents of all time, Reagan.

Should Biden be kicked to the curb after one term, and he was followed by “a great President”, that would be wonderful for America.

The 1st Amendment died last week

How Infowars host Alex Jones pushed the First Amendment to its limit

Alex Jones

It came out last week the parents of the Sandy Hook school shooting were able to successfully sue Alex Jones for “defamation”. The more I thought about it, the more I was left scratching my head. So what if Jones came up with some wild ass theory about Sandy Hook being a CIA ‘false flag’ operation, how is that a sue-able offense that bankrupts him?? I did a search: “How come Alex Jones doesn’t have freedom of speech?” At the top of the search was this MSNBC article.

The MSNBC article has 2 gaping holes in it. The first is that Jones’ speech caused the “parents of the slain children to be subjected to threats and harassment“. A.) I don’t believe it, and B.) How is that Jones’ fault if they did ? He didn’t direct or even imply to his listeners to go out and do that. There’s no connectivity to what Jones said and to what they allege.

The other hole in MSNBC’s logic is that therefore because of Jones’ speech, the government was required to “sanction” him. Sanction? In what respect is that a legal term or action in regard to the 1st Amendment? They didn’t show harm. The parents didn’t like what Jones said, but they didn’t prove harm. It was basically a decision that said, “We the Establishment do not like Jones, therefore we shall punish his speech.”

And nobody on the right (or left) sees a problem with this. Alex Jones was the perfect target in their first step at censorship. Obama and Hillary have both been pushing for “regulation” of online speech. The 1st Amendment doesn’t protect speech you like, it protects speech you don’t like.

The Masonic Overview

By Sergeant Robert Horton

Bo Gritz had all this in the 70’s and people thought he was nuts. He was on the ballot for President the first time I voted.

“Sergeant Robert Leroy Horton (US ARMY CIVIL AFFAIRS & PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATIONS COMMAND) Trains US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES GREEN BERETS – explains how Russell Jay Gould & David Winn Miller saved our Republic in 1999.

This video (at the Rumble link below) is long but well worth your time. Once you understand how the USA Corporation ties to the banking system then Trumps plans for the Republic of the USA will become clear.

What country holds most of our debt? CHINA! Once the USA Corporation is desolved it will effect CHINA’s economy this is why they wanted Biden in the White House. China owns Biden, the voter fraud & stolen votes cannot stand…..” – Rumble

Ford asked Goldstein why Jews were dramatically over-represented in the porn industry. He answered:

In his book XXX-Communicated: A Rebel Without a Shul, Luke Ford wrote about a conversation with Goldstein, in which Ford asked Goldstein why Jews were dramatically overrepresented in the porn industry. He answered:

The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don’t believe in authoritarianism. Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream… becomes more charged (?). Goldstein continued: I believe in me. I’m God. Fuck God. God is your need to believe in some super being. I am your God, admit it.”

This thread on Gab contains several interesting points. One is that as they say Jews are perfectly willing to make boatloads of money here in the porn industry while undermining society, that same porn is outlawed in Israel. I started to get a sense of the Jewish control of the industry a few years ago when I did a post on Ron Jeremy. Its also starting to come out that Jews were grossly “over-represented” in slave ownership in America.

(50% of the buildings destroyed and 2/3rd s of the people killed) “We won!”

Great, great, you beat the Russians. You showed them.

Where’s this going? Swear to God neither of these “leaders” give a damn about the Ukrainian people. Zelenskyy gives the order every adult male has to stay and die. Nobody seems interested in peace negotiations. To the casual observer Russia’s military doesn’t look very competent. The media doesn’t seem very interested in differentiating between Russian atrocities and Ukrainian ‘false flags’. This madness just seems on cruise control and nobody is explaining why. This morning Zelenskyy is warning his people they “have” to prepare for nuclear war, no you don’t, just surrender! [suh-ren-der]

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Perhaps its time to get a clue?

There was an article on the FOX News site this morning about the Russia-Ukraine war. Swear to God people are so naive. Although you can never tell how many are trolls who argue both sides of an issue. All I simply did was point out that to the U.S, all this war was was a chance for them to use Ukraine as a proxy to get at the Russians.

The Pentagon doesn’t give a shit about Ukraine as a country or Ukrainians as people, all they want to do is try out their latest and greatest weapon systems, and check off a few boxes for promotion! They don’t give a shit about the people! They’re just canon fodder to them. Zelenskyy doesn’t give a shit either, he hasn’t once seriously tried for peace. That would entail him stepping down.

His only concern, like all politicians, is staying in power! If the people of Ukraine thinks anybody gives a shit about them, they are shit out of luck! Goodnight. And on FOX all you get are the Rah! Rah! Republicans! that are just so incredibly dense. Don’t you get it? Nothing ever changes for a reason, they don’t want it to!

In the beginning (1911), there was the Federal Reserve Act, where Congress abdicated its duty to coin money, to turn it over to a private consortium of crooks. Did Republicans stop that? No. 5 years later the creation of the Income Tax came up for a vote, did the Republicans stop that? No. 15 years later FDR wanted to confiscate privately held gold, did Republicans stop that? No.

2 years later in 1933 was the National Firearms Act, did the Republicans stop that? No. That same year socialism got its nose under the tent with the Social Security Act, did Republicans stop that? No. 30 years later in 1965 LBJ trotted out the Great Society, did Republicans stop that? No. 3 years later was the sweeping 1968 Gun Control Act, did Republicans stop that? No.

Did they stop the 1993 Assault Weapons Ban? No. Republicans have never stopped nothing! They also have never advanced the conservative agenda. Get a clue you fucking morons! They’re not about passing legislation, they’re about having campaign issues to run on.

11. Jesus

12. The ‘loss prevention’ officer at Walmart

13. Child custody payments

14. Math tests

15. Car backfires

16. Flat tires on the Stingray

17. Liquor store being out of ’40s’

18. Another price hike in menthol’s

19. Running out of syrup on ‘all you can eat night’ at IHOP

Even pepper spray would have helped

Several reports have said his Glock 17 “jammed”. Which unless you are really good means its going to take you 5 – 10 seconds to clear it and be ready to start firing again. 5 to 10 seconds. That’s time for men nearby to have gone to work on his stupid nigger ass. A backpack upside the head, a choke hold, a kick in the nuts, a pocketknife shredding his throat, ripping off his gas mask and putting pepper spray in his eyeballs.

But instead people have been conditioned to die. They’ve accepted being told they’re not allowed to arm themselves. Prosecutors that don’t prosecute and governors that empty prisons. Now that they’ve gotten the crime wave they want to go after lawful gun owners.

US population….. 330,598,493
65% are registered voters….. 213,799,467

62% of them voted….. 141,535,247

Biden votes recorded….. 81,281,888
Trump votes recorded….. 74,223,251



We can’t just “move on”…..We must fix the 2020 election…..
If we don’t have free and fair elections…..we don’t have a country…


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