Why are you paying Disqus?


To be overrun by spammers? I don’t get it. The New American website pays an outside firm (Disqus) a fee to police and regulate the comment section of your website. Disqus doesn’t do what they’re paid for, and you keep paying them?? So I put the address for Disqus in the comments:

717 Market Street suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94103-2140

So people could write these morons. They didn’t take down the spam, they took down my comment with their address in it. They are going to ban me from the site, because I’m going to keep bugging them. They could do away with the spammers, but they won’t do that.

They’ll ban me.

Get a clue!

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Bright Bart has this article this morning about Pompeo’s warning that kid’s are gonna die because Biden forgot and left the border open. Drug overdose deaths are going to strike down America’s youth because the border suddenly went to hell in a hand basket during the 9 months Biden has been in office.

Gimme a break. Yes Biden’s failure at the border has been particularly spectacular, but its been going on for 40 years. Ever since Reagan took it upon himself to break the meatpacking and construction unions with illegals. But to sit there and act like Democrats are solely responsible is ridiculous.

Dude (Pompeo) that’s been going on 40 years! DO NOT act like Republicans haven’t been fully part of this border scam from the get go! Dam (n) that drives me crazy, and its a short drive. Can’t you see this is why nothing ever changes? They play this fake D vs R battle. Its mono-party. Yes there are skin deep differences but in the end, its the elites, the deep state, the insiders, and we’re not them.

I think the site rankings of “who gets it”, least to most is: FOX, Bright Bart, WND, The New American. The Democrats have it all, why isn’t America now a workers paradise? Why isn’t everyone making $20 bucks an hour? Ain’t gonna happen is it? Why haven’t corporations been taxed back to the stone age? Ain’t gonna happen is it?

As long as Americans let themselves get distracted by the game, ain’t nothin’ gonna change. Its not rain.

[Oh, and that picture? There aren’t any white 3rd world countries.]

Where’s the logic?

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The Chinese infect the world with a virus, and now my Walmart can’t be open 24 hrs? Fauci funds a lab to figure out how to get an animal virus to transmit to humans, and now my McDonald’s isn’t open 24 hrs? The world locks down for a virus that only has a 99.7% survival rate, so that means I can’t have a 24 hr Hy-Vee Grocery Store anymore?

Where the hell’s the logic in that? “Our Team Members need this extra time to do an extended and thorough cleaning to make our store as safe as possible!” Do they really not “get” that they could have the keypad at the checkout, or the handle on the freezer case, operating room clean before opening, but as soon as the first customer comes in and touches it, poof! All your hard work overnight is now gone.

Its not about how clean something was at 3 am, what is it at noon now that you’ve been open 4 hours? Or at 3 pm? Or now at 7:30 in the evening right before close? What the hell did all your fantastic cleaning at 3 am do for how sanitary it is 16 1/2 hours later? And why can’t I get a breakfast burrito at 5 am? Who eats breakfast at 8 am?

Fat lady dun sang

Its over! Damn, how stupid are people? (not referring to Victor) Senator Grassley announces last week he’s running again in 2022. Iowans are stupid enough they’ll send him back to Washington. Grassley exemplifies everything that’s wrong with America. Someone with no discernible talent being one of 100 of the most important people governing America.

Its not just him of course its everybody in that cesspool of corruption. But that’s not even the problem. Its the voters! They’re the ones that keep sending these criminals back! How do you get that stupid? The United States of America is not supposed to be an Empire. We’re not supposed to take in all the world’s derelicts. We’re not supposed to give taxpayer dollars to the crooks in Buttfucksia under the guise of foreign aid.

We’re not supposed to be ‘nation building’. The sole mission of our government as given was to secure the rights of Life, Liberty and Property for its citizens.

Torba ain’t too damn bright

A funny thought hit me the other day. I’d quit going to Gab 5 or 6 months ago because its just a bunch of One-Way suckers, and a platform that’s geared to the Blue Checks. But then I remembered what had really lit my fuse! Torba kept re-posting these “boomer hate” memes. Young people find it quite hilarious to attack those over age 56.

Then I realized the funny part! Torba (Andrew) is always on a non-stop fundraising campaign! Do you think you’re going to get any money out of those you just insulted? You dumb fuck! Not a dime! Go play in the traffic! Its a shame all of the “boomers” won’t pick up on your shit. Maybe enough will.

“Today you have to apologize to every naked savage on the planet because you are more prosperous than they are”

See the source image

That Ayn Rand quote (like truth in general) has many layers to it. It really came to mind with the recent events of the Haitian invasion. Then there was just news yesterday that another caravan was headed up from Latin America. I just love those pictures of some fat Central American gal on her cellphone with the caption, “We’re supposed to believe she is starving and walked a 1,000 miles?

Too bad these people wouldn’t fight for their own country, instead of coming here and ruing ours. I’m part of the generation that saw America at its zenith. Not during its ascendancy. Because I saw the peak, I’ll also see the fall. I would be fine with America being an average country, but that’s not what’s going to happen. The crooks at the top will still be trying to wring their graft and corruption out of a bankrupt nation.

Being flooded by another group of 3rd worlders is the symptom, not the problem. Anyone who thinks about it two seconds knows that in all these countries the corrupt 1% at the top have things so locked in favor of themselves, there’s no upward mobility for the poor. And our corrupt 1% keep the doors open to this country, not letting things bubble over in that country, and forcing change there.

Let’s teach them how to fish.

Nope, it wasn’t BJ’s in the Oral Office

ABC News’ "The View" co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday dismissed the notion that Monica Lewinsky was a victim of her high-profile affair with former President Bill Clinton.
ABC News’ “The View” co-host Joy Behar on Wednesday dismissed the notion that Monica Lewinsky was a victim of her high-profile affair with former President Bill Clinton.

As much as the media would like us to believe that sex scandals with Monica Lewinsky and Paula Jones were the Great Crimes! of the Clinton administration, it was actually when he approved the sale of ICBM targeting technology from the Loral Corp to the Chinese, leapfrogging China’s nuclear program 25 years. This 25 year old news is in the headlines again because the media is trying to help fellow Jew Monica Lewinsky push her new book (‘Blow Me Down!’*). Secondarily Clinton’s other crime was taking money from Chinese agents Johnny Huang and Charlie Trie. That’s the true meaning of criminality Charlie Brown. Oh, and giving North Korea a nuclear (nukular) power plant that haunts us today. No, the real treason of the Clinton White House wasn’t puffers in the Oval Office.

[*That’s not really the name of her book.]

Gabby Petito

FOX News is going to have to find another story… in a few months. Now that the body of Gabby looks to have been found. First they’ll have to cover the dramatic (if obvious) arrest of Brian Laundrie. Then after the trial is delayed several times, they’ll discover Wyoming is a death penalty state. Then they’ll have endless debate about the value of the death penalty.

Then none of that will matter because the prosecutor will only be going for second degree murder. Okay, so in reality with a trial that won’t start until February of 2023, it will go on for 9 months. Then you have the endless appeals. So the murder of Gabby Petito will provide grist for FOX for at least 5 years.

A couple of days ago in the comment section on FOX I pointed out that cases like this drive black people crazy. 10 black girls died the same day as Gabby, but what do they get? Nothing. Take a cute little blond gal from suburbia that gets murdered and its the crime of the century.

Then another thought hit me. In the old days young women didn’t go drinking and fornicating across the country with a man who wasn’t her husband. They just didn’t do that. I’m not sure when the “old days” were, but it was sometime prior to 1970. I’m not sure when morals took a holiday, and fuddy duddyism fell out of vogue. It might have been around 1960.

Its my right to do stupid things!” That’s great, but be prepared to pay the price. Stupidity ain’t free. Its kind of like every fall when a coed passes out drunk in a frat house and finds out sometime the next day that a guy had intercourse with her. Bad things gonna happen. Good luck putting the milk back in the bottle.

Kills Coronavirus in 48 hrs

Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 Colorized scanning electron micrograph of an apoptotic cell (green) heavily infected with SARS-COV-2 virus particles (yellow), isolated from a patient sample. Image captured at the NIAID Integrated Research Facility (IRF) in Fort Detrick, Maryland. Credit: NIAID

Anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin kills coronavirus in 48 hours.” Interesting article. There’s a ton of them out there. I can’t help feel that these drugs that were praised and won Nobel Prizes just a few years ago, are now being shunned and ridiculed simply because the push is on to funnel ungodly amounts of money to the pharmaceutical industry. And these drugs that have been around are dirt cheap. That does not fulfill their purpose.

“The United States reports the highest infections, with more than 368,000 people affected by the virus. It has a staggering 10,923 deaths” – their ‘end of the world’ coverage is odd, as many multiples of that number die from the flu each year. They love to go on and on about case numbers, but as far as I know the fatality rate is till below 1%.

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