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The tiny group of GOP tots having a tantrum over @kevinomccarthy have made their point, but it’s time to quit holding the whole country hostage w/ these dead-end tactics. Some of the hold-outs are friends & people I supported, but ENOUGH! Vote @kevinomccarthy & do your job!” – Gov Mike Huckabee

That little Tweet by Mike Huckabee identified himself to rebel forces that he was swamp. Like Sean Hannity’s attempted take down of Lauren Boebert last night. This fight for Speaker of the House has done us a great service. We now know beyond a shadow of a doubt who swamp is. Another name that identified himself yesterday is Newt Gingrich.

All 3 of these guys when Trump had the ‘mo’ went along with the whole populist thing, but you had your doubts and you were right. Fuck you Huckabee.

Audio Bibles on YouTube

Its close to the first of the year, so I thought I’d pass on an idea I grabbed onto. Starting out in Matthew (the first book of the New Testament). I don’t know how God feels about audio bibles, but I would guess He’s okay with it. We’ll find out. Like with any bible study, you are well advised to pray before or afterwards or both, for understanding.

God forbid anyone is new at this and needs guidance, there’s no need to fret. Your discernment can be with a little help, just as clear as the Pope’s or the most learned theologian, if that’s what God wants. But a simple, sincere beginner prayer might go something like this:

Our Father in heaven, I ask Your forgiveness for my sins. I have not leant myself to being open to Jesus, I want that now. Please give me the wisdom and understanding to learn His word now. I want to be His servant. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

[FYI: God will use the Holy Spirit in miraculous ways, especially with Muslims, Jews and Hindus. He seems to enjoy doing the “impossible”. God knows your heart, if you are serious, He will give you Jesus.]

(Christianity is a tough thing. How do you “become” one? You don’t take an oath or pass a test. Its not upon completion of reading the bible. Its not after 8 church services. The “easiest” for some people is hitting bottom, if that makes any sense. A lot of times God needs you broken so you will listen, so you will lose your stubborn pride. What’s funny is you can tell generally after you become one who is and who isn’t. Maybe you’ll no longer have a desire to drink alcohol, or go to strip clubs, or look at dirty pictures. Christians will have some defect or problem in their life, some thorn in their side, like Paul. Its your test or burden or your “cross to bear”. You are not perfect after becoming a Christian. Not even close. The only difference in that and someone who is not a Christian, is that you are well aware of your failings. You’ll find a lot of wise people who are Christians. I don’t know how to explain it. I didn’t say smart. You’ll know you are a Christian when your life changes. You will no longer enjoy sin. You won’t fear death as much. Good deeds follow the Holy Spirit taking you in. If you have questions, you know where you can find Christians to ask. They’d be more than happy to talk to you. Prayer? Prayer and the Word? Its a mystery.)

{The “Word” can refer both to the bible and Jesus.}

We’re toast

Here’s an interesting video of Kurdish Muslims destroying France. On Christmas Eve. Jesus drives muzzies crazy, and its a short drive.

[Upon further investigation the riots are said to be in response to the murder of 3 Kurd’s by a 69 year old “white man” who from his recents arrest record should never have been out on the street. This was pointed out to me on Twitter as justification for the muslims to destroy France. I thought about it for awhile and responded that then the French would have been justified in retaliating against the muslims when one or more of them killed 12 Frenchmen in the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in 2013. Or when the muzzies beheaded French school teacher Samuel Paty on the lie of a 13 year old muzzie school girl. Or any other of a thousand cases muzzies are over represented in. I thought it curious in the case of the murder of the 3 Kurds they were quick to point out it was a white man. When its a dark person they almost never say, and often it is days or weeks before they will put up a picture. And they never actually come out and say it was a black or brown man.]

Elon strikes gold!

For those who don’t know the Lord of the Rings trilogy, that’s a scene from The Two Towers I believe. The land of Rohan is like Canada to the United States’ ‘Gondor’. They need Rohan if they’re going to beat that goddamn Sauron and his evil minions. And he’s got a ton of minions I tell you what. That son of a bitch Fauci there is ‘Wormtongue’, who has been crippling King Theoden with his evil whisperings.

Elon Musk on Twitter came up with all this this morning. Its the perfect analogy of our government as the evil forces of Sauron. To a tee. He had a few more Tweets on it and it was both funny and scary. The analogy is perfect in a few more ways, with them portraying Brandon there as the head of the government, when he’s clearly not. Its Saruman through Wormtongue that is running things in Rohan.

As people who know the story realize, the earthly battle that would come between Gondor & Rohan against Mordor, that was just a stalling action to provide cover for Frodo dropping the Ring in the Fires of Mount Doom. What might the ‘Ring’ be in our analogy? The one thing that would stop the powers of darkness (the Left) once and for all?

I don’t know. The ony thing that comes to mind is something I picked up a few years ago. There is no political solution to what ails America. None. There is nothing the GOP could do in a million years to stop the Left. There is not a political solution to a spiritual problem. Revival. The hand of God. That’s the only way America stands a chance.

[I hit on it in the main post, but I actually mailed a letter, should he ever see it, to Elon Musk at Twitter HQ – 1355 Market Street in San Fran, with a bullet point. Gandalf and the good guys knew they couldn’t beat Sauron sword for sword. All they were trying to do with their main force was distract him long enough for Frodo to destroy the Ring. That is exactly what is going on in America. We’re not going to beat Democrats head on, candidate for candidate. They have all the mechanisms of cheat on their side: Big Tech, big media, academia, K-12, corporate America, Hollywood. They control it all. They also have their Ring of Power (big government). That provides the overwhelming force, i.e. the military. The FBI. The CIA. The ATF. Homeland Security. Big government IS Mordor. You can’t beat that. You have to take away their power source: Big Government.]

Free countries don’t exist without the rule of law

WROL among gun channels on YouTube stands for: Without Rule of Law. Meaning you better be prepared for not only the day to day now, but what might happen to society if things really go south. The number of weapons, the typse of weapons, the readiness of those weapons to include having the parts and the ammo to insure their continuing functionality.

‘They’ say that modern man is about 9 meals (3 days) from savagery. ‘They’ also say there are just 3 things that will put people in the streets: Hunger, Religion & Tribalism. I’m talking mass widescale riots. City’s burning, widescale looting and murder. There’s a class of thug that doesn’t “prep” because they figure they will just kill the neighbor that did and take his stuff. Darwinism at its finest.

All that was just a setup to show how quickly society can “go bad”, and why you might want to prevent that. Two days ago Trump said something that is causing his attackers to say he wants to “suspend” or “abolish” the Constitution. Once again they are more worried about what Trump says and hypotheticals, than they are in the lawbreaking Democrats have already engaged in.

Which brings us to election theft. That’s what Trump was trying to get at with his verbal flailing about. He’s at ground zero of the consequences of what happens when an election was stolen. The screen shots from German TV showing what the real count was on election night 2020. The photos of Democrat poll workers blocking out windows from observers. The guys on a local Georgia live-shot going through ballots and dumping Trump one’s in the trash barrel.

The special ops raid on the server farms to take the hard drives by the CIA. What’s happening is people are jumping all over Trump once again for his ill-advised words, and ignoring Democrat actions. Felonies. Trump is talking serious stuff because serious things have happened. Its not about blindly “honoring election integrity”, when that election was stolen. That’s stupid. There’s no “integrity” to honor.

Look at that picture above. That’s not the only example of a Biden “rally” where they did that with the “covid circles”. They did that indorrs, outdoors, all the time trying to imply it was only because of COVID that he wasn’t drawing large crowds. Bullshit. That man did not get 81 million votes.

If you want to hold onto a free country, then you understand the importance of holding onto the rule of law. And numero uno for that, before anything else, are honest elections. Everything else follows from that.

No more rule of law

The “big news” with politicos last night was Elon Musk’s Twitter releasing the communications between the FBI, Democrats and Twitter to throw the election for Biden. Its not big news for anyone else. For norms its just business as usual. When you have the FBI, the Democrat Party, Big Tech and the media all working together its incredible the evil they can commit. They are going to get away with 2020, Epstein Island, Hunter’s laptop, Hillary’s emails and SBF funneling money to Democrats.

You couple that with Biden arbitrarily funneling money to Ukraine, the lack of a border between Mexico and the U.S., its just incredible what becomes “okay” in the absence of the rule of law. “Americans who questioned integrity of the 2020 elections were targeted by those who interfered in the 2020 election“. – Lee Smith. Its all about who has the megaphone.

There’s also something undefinable in this. We’ve all seen it. At work as adults, in school, or on the playground as kids. A ‘nobody’ will say something and it lands like a thud. A leader, someone with charisma says the same thing, and suddenly it has legs. One of the most bizarre was when candidate Trump at a news conference said about Hillary’s deleted emails, “Hey Russia, if you can come up with Hillary’s emails we’d all appreciate it!

ALL the liberal media accused Trump of inviting a foreign power to “interfere in the election”! It was the most surreal thing I’ve ever seen in my life. But because those with the megaphone wanted to this obvious joke a “something”, they were able to do it. Now this morning after the “Twitter Bomb” showing the collusion between the Biden campaign, FBI and Twitter, they’re claiming Biden wasn’t President yet so there was no First Amendment violation, completely forgetting that the FBI went around to every social media platform telling them they couldn’t go with the Hunter Biden story because it was “Russian disinformation”. And forgetting the letter signed by 50 “intelligence officials” saying the same thing.

You have a handful of decent people in the House (Greene, Boebert, Gohmert, Jordan, Roy) and a couple in the Senate (Cruz, Paul), and those dozen people are supposed to stop the FBI, Media, Big Tech and the Democrat Party? A dozen people against thousands? When you have the FBI, the Democrat Party, Big Tech and the media all working together its incredible the evil they can commit. They are going to get away with 2020, Epstein Island, Hunter’s laptop, Hillary’s emails and SBF funneling money to Democrats.

“The Hunter Coverup wasn’t an intelligence failure, it was an intelligence operation” – Jack Posobiec