Supply chain attack July 9th?

In this episode Homestead Corner reports that FEMA type agencies will be running a drill as if the nations food supply chain was attacked. She presupposes that often the practice becomes reality. On Prepper Nation he relates an email from a person representing a particular mindset that “we have guns, we will take what we need from the prepper“. Maybe so. A gang can always take out an individual. For some reason the ‘good guys’ just don’t form associations well. There is strength in numbers and for some reason we end up weak. Just like the good guys versus Antifa. They always wiped out the conservatives. Part of the reason for that is conservatives are “color between the lines” types who think cops are going to do what they are paid to do, maintain order. Then when they don’t, conservatives are not prepared to operate in a without rule of law environment.

Supply shortages

40,000 people know what’s going on. It may seem like a lot, but in a country of 330,000,000 people, its a drop in the bucket. That’s the number of people that see a typical Keiser Report video. They have 4.3 million subscribers. In this episode Max takes a look at how in the coming era of hyper inflation, what we experienced in the late 70’s is not happening this time.

In the Jimmy Carter years of the late 1970’s when inflation ruled the roost, traditional economic principles prevailed. One being wages had to go up. That’s not the case now. Another aspect is interest paid to savers. Back then 8% on a certificate of deposit was typical. You may have been getting charged 13% on a home loan, but at least you got paid real money on a CD. That’s no longer the case, the banks use your money for free. Back then 3.5% – 4.5% on a simple savings account was typical.

Now neither a CD or a savings account goes above 1%.

Max is able to put the “why” to what is happening. A lot of people lately have been wanting to use the simplistic comparison of the Biden administration to that of the Carter era. But that as Max explains is completely missing what is going on. The rules have changed. Economic law used to be in charge, it isn’t now.

He loses me on the particulars. But its exactly what I’ve been saying for years. You can only ‘fudge’ it for so long. You can pretend there’s a new paradigm, but eventually the piper has to be paid. As an example Indian culture used to highly value gold as a personal store of wealth. Its now bitcoin. El Salvador is abandoning the idea of the dollar as the global reserve currency. Ditto for Russia.

Max uses supply shortages as evidence of what is really going on when they can no longer mask the effects of their money printing. Lumber, microchips, car parts, those products that tell the man on the street something is going on. All of this is economic gobble-dy-gook, until you can’t get your house built or your car fixed, then it becomes real.

Another interesting point he had was tying the political into the economic: ‘woke-ism’. All this societal distraction of transgenderism, BLM, defunding cops, Antifa, Trump prosecutions, the cancel culture for Tweeting the wrong Tweet 10 years ago. Its all a distraction and a disguise so that the people don’t focus on what has been going on. So that blame is never assessed to the guilty.

As he said towards the end, it may manifest in its death throes as a civil war, or as a world war. Me and 40K other people have an idea what’s coming, too bad more people didn’t, we might have averted the pain.

“Microchips are the steel of the 21st Century”

In the old days they were called ‘steel magnates’. The industrial age was completely dependent on them. As Max here puts it, the foundation for today’s economy is semiconductors. The portion of production in the U.S. is now down to 12%. And so few manufacturers are now involved, “monopoly pricing” is staring us in the face. When you get old enough you realize all that bullshit you were taught in school about “competition”, has all been a lie. The last thing business has ever wanted is competition. John D. Rockefeller said it flat out in about 1880, “Competition is a sin.”

[What Max is saying in the video above essentially is that our “economy” (house of cards) is not sustainable. Someday soon it will all collapse and Washington will be all, “Shocked, shocked!” Like it was this totally unforeseen and unpredictable event. Then they will proclaim that “drastic” action has to be taken to save the homeland! Translation: the working class will take it in the shorts. Just yesterday I was a child who lived in the greatest nation on earth. Today I live in a country where the buildings fall down and we can’t keep the power on. How we came to be ruled by this new class of retards is beyond me.]

Never seen a bigger bunch of whiners

Gwen Berry

I’m just sick of this shit. I’m sorry we had slavery. Can’t change that. It happened. How many more generations? How much longer we got to go? You’re given every opportunity, you go through school without even the expectation you’ll speak correct English, you do all that training to get to the Olympics, just so you can piss on America?

Damn. Then it hit me this morning. We could have reparations. We could pay them all a million dollars. We could give them all a free house. We could give them a free bucket of the Colonel every week. It wouldn’t matter! They’d STILL complain! Fuck ’em. Tired of it. Can’t deal no more with it. I wasn’t one of their precious “racists” before, but I’m getting there.

“Is racism in the room with us right now? Show me on this doll where racism touched you? Is racism behind that tree?”

Two monkeys

Leave it to Ann Coulter to have described the times years ago The demon is a mob, and the mob is demonic. The Democratic Party activates mobs, depends on mobs, coddles mobs, publicizes and celebrates mobs—it is the mob. Sweeping in its scope and relentless in its argument, Demonic explains the peculiarities of liberals as standard groupthink behavior. To understand mobs is to understand liberals.

Someone near and dear to me though much younger is an activist on the Left. Very idealistic and wanting to “solve problems!” Below is my response to that person. I wanted to use the “two monkeys” example, but wasn’t sure if the metaphor would come through in an email. In the 70’s in Psych 101 textbooks they had this disturbing lab experiment involving 2 monkeys. They had little helmets strapped to their heads that would shock them after a bell rung. One monkey just knew that every time the bell rung he would get shocked. He learned to just lie back and take it. The other monkey had a hand control switch. If he pushed the button on the switch after the bell rung they wouldn’t get shocked – half the time. It drove him crazy. He did what he was supposed to do, but by the machinations of those above him, despite doing the ‘right thing’ the shock was removed only about half the time. That’s where citizens are in America. Lay back and take it or do “the right thing” and still get screwed half the time.

“Interesting video from Innuendo Studios. I heard just this morning the Biden admin’s ‘energy solutions’ (solar, wind, turning off drilling on federal lands, denying pipelines) are going to send energy prices through the roof hitting working people the hardest (for example). So if your solution is to double or triple energy prices… 

But the ‘big picture’ takeaway I got from the video is that this guy thinks there should be problem solving. That’s naïve, Washington isn’t about solving anything its about the eternal campaign. Creating the problem and then “providing the solution”. There are no sides at the top of the pyramid. There’s no left or right at the top.

The eternal campaign is a game for the elites. We’re just pawns in their globalist chess game. All this is for their entertainment. 2017 – 2018 proved it for me. The inaction by the GOP proved to me forever and all time its all been a hoax. Like I say, both sides campaign on issues they ran on in 1968. 

As a side note something I found interesting was this guy felt some importance in looking at people as part of a group, not as individuals. That’s just one of the reasons why we can never be ‘one nation’. There are fundamental differences between the sides that make living together impossible. That side thinks abortion is good and Jesus is bad. There’s no reconciling that. 

The video was interesting in that it lets me see your thinking. The premise to me is skewed as it refers to the alt-right playbook as if the alt-right was a large functioning entity. Its a couple hundred thousand screwballs on Gab. The other premise that flummoxes me is the idea that Hitler was on the right. He was a national socialist (Nazi), the only reason he was at odds with Stalin is that the USSR was global communism. Hitler was all about Germany or the Rhineland. 

The sum total of ‘alt-right’ representation in Washington is Marjorie Taylor Greene, and she’s probably faking it. I used to think Jim Jordan, Louie Gohmert and Devin Nunes were worth a damn, but I found out recently even they were on the take too. So essentially, I have 1 person in Washington representing me. You have scads. But regardless, trying to follow or care about politics will drive a person crazy. 

Everything is always a “crisis” in this country because that is when the big money is spent and power is accumulated. And that’s what all this is about, money and power. Not solutions.

A bridge too far

World Net Daily had one of their red meat posts over the weekend designed to get conservatives foaming at the mouth. In this case it was a teacher Ryan Clark at a school in Grants Pass, Oregon felt himself called to be a preacher on his off time. 2 other teachers in the same district had also run afoul of the school board by making a video deemed anti-transgender by the powers that be.

I had simply made the comment after the article that Christians and cake bakers an awful lot of the time (as evidenced by the picture above) tend to treat homosexuality as a Super Sin that supersedes all others. In later years I began to question the Fred Phelps like nature of their selective outrage. You’d have thought I had proposed mandatory homo sexuality training nationwide.

I say this from the point of view that I generally do not receive any reaction to my social media posts. I first noticed it on Facebook during the 2016 presidential campaign. Some random commenter (spellcheck doesn’t like ‘commenter’ or ‘commentor’) could put “Go Trump!” and get 5,000 likes. I could put the most brilliant observation about the campaign or America in general and get nothing but crickets (kind of like here).

So to get the flood of comments (no ‘likes’ mind you) about my comment was somewhat shocking. Likely the most prevalent was how they went through reason or the bible to tell me homo sexuality was a sin and that I was crazy if I thought it wasn’t. I had never said it wasn’t, I had simply said why was it treated as a super sin trumping all others?

I had asked the question about the Colorado cake baker if he required a test to make sure whether all the other recipients of his cakes were pure enough to eat his cakes? I wanted to make sure there weren’t any alcoholics, adulterers or porn addicts eating his cakes. Because I didn’t know about them but that I wouldn’t pass any purity tests, that I was a sinner who needed forgiveness and that I wouldn’t be getting any cake at all if perfection was a requirement to eat it.

I just wanted to make sure we followed the edict, “Let he who is without sin eat the first cake!”

I just wanted to suggest the possibility that maybe, just maybe, Christians took themselves a little too seriously and could stand to lighten up a bit. I feared for my safety having crossed the Republican Taliban. They get wound pretty tight on these topics. Which is exactly why World Net Daily printed the article. Its all about stirring up the outrage to get clicks. Follow the money. But the idea that Christians should quit trying to make homosexuals out to be the worst sinners of all that should be subject to special condemnation, was just an intellectual ‘bridge too far’ for the WND crowd.

We are all sinners. I think Christians forget that sometimes.

Clothes, shoes and toys

Back in 1993 the elites foisted upon Americans the North American Free Trade Agreement. We were told we didn’t want those dirty, sweaty manufacturing jobs, we wanted high tech! That was the future. Computers and binaries!

So of course we shipped those high tech jobs to China. Mexico and Canada got our automotive jobs, China got everything else, and Americans got screwed. Mexico is still poor (well the 99% anyway), Mexicans still flee to the United States. China still makes everything the world uses (i.e. PPE and the recent pandemic).

In the comments section to this video, there is a hard split between those that believe Max and Stacy are preaching salvation (bitcoin) and those that believe they are the modern incarnation of the Amway salesman (Ponzi scheme). Frankly I don’t see how we will know until it plays out, say 5 years? I don’t know, its already been around 12 years.

But circling back to the title (clothes, shoes and toys), that is how China has built up an incredible store of wealth, low-tech. Nothing fancy. Just selling the world those products that the world needs to live. Max and Stacy can talk all they want about “bitcoin mining” and the end of fiat (and gold), but it always comes back to food, clothing and shelter.

Bitcoin miners

When a 14-yr-old scared the hell out of the establishment

Roger that Lt Corbis (another alias for ‘Soph’). One of her main shticks was exposing islam for what it is, and it was a Jew (Joseph Bernstein) that took her out. I’ve always said Jews hate Jesus more than they do Muhammad. And Christians aren’t even trying to kill them! Soph was doing a bit where she said she had a Luger and was coming to kill YouTube head Susan Wojcicki. The FBI in a fit of outright diligence investigated the threat and determined it wasn’t credible since she had no access to guns (too bad they never investigate all the other tips they get before a mass shooting or bombing does happen).

The main point isn’t whether or not you liked her or chose to tune in to her channel, the point is the Left fears speech. The Left is for censorship. She didn’t like Trump and she seemed a bit of a brat sometimes, but so what? If I didn’t want to listen to her I didn’t have to, but that’s not what the Left does. They “cancel” those they do not want to hear. They’re cowards, pussies and tyrants all rolled into one. The reason the Left fears speech is that they get wiped out wherever it exists (like talk radio). They can only survive where speech is tightly regulated and controlled. Conservative platforms have an industry wide sign-in for comments called Disqus. Sign in once signed in for all. Lefty sites don’t have that. Lefty sites more often than not don’t have a comments section. They’re girly men. Soph was “cancelled” August 1, 2019.

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