The Third Way

It gets a little frustrating when you can read the stitches on the political spin, and all the 90% see are fastballs and curves. On the FOX News site, where I saw an interesting comment, they are absolutely consumed with the D vs R battle (the game they use to keep everyone distracted). They know the cliches on both sides so well, that a mundane article about the border, quickly turned into a battle of communism versus the American way! (dammit!)

“Get Mad Now” posited that:

1.) You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity

2.) In order to give you must first take

3.) Only so many can ride in the wagon

All true. And as a final statement he made clear that, “Socialism doesn’t work!” (dammit!) But the sad fact is, we don’t have free market capitalism, we have corporatism. Where taxpayers are forever and a day bailing out banks, airlines, cruise ships, car companies, farmers and others. Where the Fed keeps interest rates at 0% interest for 20 plus years so companies can borrow money for nothing and do stock buy backs to enrich themselves and not the company.

And at 0% interest, savers (people) get nothing in return for the bank using their money. And as he said quite correctly that socialism will never work, corporatism only works for the 1%. We need to try the 3rd way, an honest dollar, free markets and get Congress out of corporation’s pockets.

Biden administration invites in thousands of COVID cases every night

They don’t make them wear a mask. They don’t make them get tested. They don’t make them quarantine for 2 weeks. Nope, the Biden administration ships them unrestricted into the heart of the country.

As the Biden administration gets ready to put new restrictions on you, they invited Latin America to come here. You will pay for their medical care, your friends and relatives will die from the COVID they are bringing.

The Biden administration is fine with Mexicans coming here to kill you. In fact he’s helping them.

[At over 1,000,000 illegals a year, that translates to a bare minimum of 2,739 a night. He’s not serious about stopping the spread of COVID. Buck Fiden.]

Sometimes you got to ask yourself why?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

As a kid I was the epitome of gullibility, not no more. There are two things I don’t understand, the coverage of ‘AOC’ and the perception of her. The FOX News site today had the gazillionth article on her. Why? Why have you given this self avowed socialist millions of dollars in free press? She hasn’t served three years, why have you made her into the powerhouse she is? You haven’t done two articles on Marjorie Taylor Greene (picture below). She’s new to the House. She thinks exactly like Trump. Why haven’t you given her millions of dollars of free publicity?

The perception of AOC from the Republican base is another puzzler. For the most part they hate her. Generally they don’t make a personality the enemy. Some did with Hillary, and some did with Obama, but not like Democrats do. And especially like they did with Trump. The hatred the base feels towards AOC approaches the hatred Democrats feel towards Trump. They call her a socialist, she’s never claimed to be anything else. They call her “stupid”. She defeated an incumbent from her own party to become a Representative, is that something a stupid person accomplishes? She’s quickly become one of the most influential people in Washington, is that the sign of a retard?

And then you have Marjorie Taylor Greene The mirror image of the most popular Republican President in history, and virtually ignored by the conservative media.

Stephen Miller, Peter Navarro, Wilbur Ross: Trump got it right 3 times

That is pathetic. Trump made his TV bones on this supposed gift from God to hire the right people on the TV show The Apprentice. And the sum total of that gift was 3 hires in his administration. I’m not trying to insult Ben Carson and Rick Perry, guys in non-controversial positions who trudged on, did their job, and didn’t stab Trump in the back. Hats off to them. Thank you.

You can tell how good Miller, Navarro and Ross were by the degree the mainstream communists hated them. Trump should have been lauding their efforts every day. Swear to God he hired people based on their TV appearance (Tillerson, DeVoss). He actually said, “Tillerson looks like a Secretary of State.

Those 3 fighters were America’s last chance to turn things around. That’s gone now.

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

<> on May 27, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri.

How much time is left? I just noticed the US Debt Clock page has a new feature, the debt as a percentage of GDP. In 1960 it was 52%. In 1980 it was 34%. In 2000 it was 57%. Today it is 128%. Its not just financial collapse, America’s navy was chased out of the South China Sea the other day. The latest report says we’re “too woke for war“. That’s not good, we always had the world’s best military force. If we couldn’t beat you any other way we could always kill you.

During the recent COVID, it came out China made all our Personal Protective Equipment (that’s not good). Mexico and Canada make our American made cars. They said China can make a destroyer for 1/8th the cost we can because they actually produce steel. The 1% in America own 38.5% of the wealth. Despite spending the most, America continues to educate K-12 the worst.

I don’t know where America stands out anymore? The number of transgender bathrooms maybe? The number of mutilation surgeries on sexually confused children? The most years spent in Afghanistan maybe? The “We’re #1!” chant is fading. We were pounded flat by our own Congress. Killed by mismanagement. We did it to ourselves.

[Growing up during the “Cold War” and being male, I knew quite a bit about our military and theirs. We were the best. Then we lost Vietnam. Got our shit blown up in Beirut. 9/11. Afghanistan. Now we’re 3rd rate. Not the soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines, I mean the DOD. I mean Congress. I mean the Presidents. Leadership or the lack thereof killed our military. And if you notice, the traits of that death spiral are the result of the pussification of liberalism. They wouldn’t let men be men. And I’m not talking about the rape culture we have in the armed forces, that’s lunacy. A big help to that would be to get the women out, and back to their traditional roles in the military.]

Bobby Mullet

We are white men

There’s nothing wrong with us. But there is a lot wrong with them. We will never be confused with perfection, but without us the world doesn’t go round. Without us the taxes don’t get paid, the fields don’t get plowed, children don’t get raised, the grass don’t get mowed, cars don’t get fixed, you don’t get a jump start for your dead battery, nobody helps you with your move, and so on and so on.

A lot of it is distraction. Keeping the finger pointed at us, so no one notices the beam in their own eye. Its like they say, every culture in America is celebrated except the one that founded it. To all the liberals who started this trend of blame the white man, and all the RINOs who accept it, to you I say a heartfelt fuck you. We are white man! “There are no white 3rd world countries.” We don’t crap and die, we work.

From 8 to 28 in 13 years

When Barack Hussein O’Bama took office the national debt was roughly $8 trillion dollars. Today in 2021 it is $28.5 and change. That’s called exponential growth (well the start of it at least). Max and Stacy on the Keiser Report took a look at it today also. Very interesting. A lot of times July is a low point of the year for the stock market. In a couple of months September and October can be interesting months for the market also.

What I find intriguing also is that all the “stimulus” money being spent the last year for the COVID has not been added yet to the debt tally. Its going to have to sometime. When do the wheels fall off? China has been making noise about unrestricted war with Japan in their quest to take Taiwan. Germany has just had a major economic impact from flooding.

The U.S. has racial unrest with no end in sight. The China disease is resurgent. There’s no end in sight for the transfer of wealth to the pharmaceutical industry and the endless vaccines now on the horizon. All elasticity would appear to be gone from the safety net.

[It was funny to hear Max’s description of the Fed’s prescription for any and all problems: “If there’s inflation, lower interest rates and print money. If there’s deflation, lower interest rates and print money. It there’s stagflation, lower interest rates and print money.” All they got’s a hammer and everything is a nail.]

Tell me Satan’s not involved?

The God of the bible is against all this transgender / LGBTQ crap. Not because he doesn’t want you to have ‘fun’, but because its destructive and harmful to the person and those around him. And in this case the next generation too.

Its insanity. The very definition of trying to “put lipstick on a pig”. Or how about this Drag Queen Story Hour train wreck the “Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey” event held for children? (picture below) That’s not normal, that’s someone with an agenda.

Normalizing sexual deviancy.

During the last administration, the Pentagon firmly refused to protect America’s southern border. “That’s not our job,” they said.

Its not the job of the military to protect the United States from invasion? Some people might say that’s their only job. In the next sentence they make reference to “send us to Syria”, send us anywhere, just don’t send us to the border! If the volunteer group Minutemen were reconstituted, and men with rifles manned the border, the Pentagon would wipe out Americans without a second thought. But furriners? Oh hell no, they’d roll out the welcome mat.

Its an incredible story at the FOX site. Not only did the military mutiny on the last administration and refuse to help, with the Biden administration they’re actively involved in the cover-up of the crisis: “Over the next few days, weeks or months,” the note began, “you may see passenger aircraft on our ramp transporting undocumented non-citizens. Please review the attached public affairs guidance on the issue.” Burrows’ email then instructed uniformed military personnel to hide what was happening on the base from the country they’re sworn to serve.  

All of this is to be expected from a Commander In Thief who only holds office because he stole an election. I knew things were out of whack literally 30 years ago, and I really resent idiot citizens who not only back then had no idea what was going on, but still don’t.

“The business of China is business. The business of the U.S. is war.” Said by Gerald Celente. If we can’t compete economically, war has been the preferred course of action.

“In becoming the superpower it is (China) today has been achieved without dropping bombs on anyone, without firing a shot, and not going around the world pillaging and looting – unprecedented in world history!!!”

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