Tulsa, Oklahoma police say 5 dead, including gunman after hospital shooting

Cops in a parking lot doing the ‘strut and pose’ after a massacre

Man these shootings drive me crazy, and its a short drive. You know the criminally inclined 35 year old black man is going to have an arrest record as long as your arm. So how are we going to reconcile it when they inevitably say, “He bought the guns legally“? No! He never should have been able to buy those guns “legally”. Lazy cops don’t press charges, lazy prosecutors don’t prosecute. The press won’t begin to tell us the real story on this guy. It was an obscure little news site that got off their ass to go talk to someone who actually knew the Uvalde shooter, to tell us what he was really like.

This Tulsa jogger did not wake up and commit the first crime of his life. No! It didn’t happen that way. That nigger been committing crimes for 20 years. He was taught in school he could get away with figurative murder and in his low IQ brain it grew to where he thought he could commit real murder. Schools have been operating for so long on the “don’t make the back kids angry” philosophy. They are not doing anyone a favor by doing that. They make black schools a war zone where zero learning takes place.

They turn out savages without a thought in their head. Except twerking, drinking and drive by shootings. How does it help kids to create these madhouse schools where even the good ones would find it impossible to learn? How does it help the bad kids to in essence tell them, “You don’t have to work hard. You don’t have to behave. We won’t hold you accountable because of your skin color. Its not your fault you’re a moron, its everyone else’s.”

And after society telling him for 20 years its not his fault for his sad state of affairs, the dumb nigger kills people. Then they say, “Nobody saw this coming, he was such a nice guy.” No he wasn’t. Then they’ll get his mama on camera and she’ll say, “He was a good boy, he dindu nuffin.” And they won’t bother telling you he wasn’t raised by his crackhead mama, he was raised by his grandma (black women for some reason can’t grow up till they’re 40). Never did have a daddy.

And so it will be the guns fault! And they’ll come for mine.

Couldn’t get it done

Clinton 2016 campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann got off yesterday on charges he lied to the FBI. 3 of the jurors were Clinton donors. 1 had a daughter who was in the same dance class as Sussmann’s daughter. No matter, the crooked DC Judge said no conflict! Smart people on Gab and whatnot always have something good to say about it after having 24 hours to think about it and process it.

The meme above by Catturd is one example (even if he does go ‘bathroom ‘ a lot of times). Another is by a Doctor Milton Wolf that I’ll put below. He caught fame on Gab for catching the inconsistencies during the psychodrama of the COVID-19 response.

This much is clear: A government as corrupt as ours cannot endure. Our two-tiered legal system simply is not sustainable.

How do great nations collapse?
Gradually and then suddenly

My brilliant comment to his post was to look at it like a house with termites. You don’t notice anything for the longest time, a little shifting. Then, BOOM! She all falls down. Its not good for a society when the elites are untouchable. Its always quaint to look at what Nixon resigned over compared to today’s outlaws in Washington.

But the related thought came to me as it does once in awhile when I saw the meme above. The entire infrastructure of Washington DC, regardless of who is in power, is just organically “Democratic” (big ‘D’ not little ‘d’). And its not just the nation’s capital, its the same way in any big city, as evidenced by what happened when it came time to count the votes the night of November 8, 2020.

Democrats in about every precinct controlled the room, controlled the counting of the ballots. Chose when to stop counting, then lied, and restarted in the wee hours of the morning with no one watching. Who made the call to stop counting that night? In six states simultaneously? States are in charge of elections, who would have made a national call?

But thinking back to that 2020 election, there was one item they promised. Everyone kind of knew ‘the fix was in’ for the Democrats. They knew they were going to have it all and run the board on their agenda. And the one item that they always run on but it just never gets quite passed, they’re always just “one vote” short on, and it looked like it would be a slam dunk on. Raising the minimum wage.

And nary a comment was made on it. So much for being the party of “the little guy”. There was no excuse this time. They had all the levers of power.

You said: “We want this”

Those ‘idiots in the morning’ Eric Harley and Gary McNamara on Redeye Radio had a good point the other day. They were talking about elections in general (and maybe liberals in particular), and said, “Don’t give me that! You voted him in!” I think it was to do with higher gas prices. They just hammered on it mercilessly, you chose this! You bought all that goddamned electric car nonsense and you CHOSE Biden! Nobody else did, you did!

Its an obvious point, but when I thought about it I really didn’t accept it until then. Biden didn’t seize power in a military style coop day tatty, people voted him in (until we can prove otherwise). We chose him, we chose this. Higher gas prices, higher taxes, forced vaccinations, mask mandates, the idiot mother fuckers in this country chose that.

Just as those idiot mother fuckers in Canada chose Trudeau. Maybe norms don’t know it yet but what Trudea is proposing gets into “forced buybacks” (confiscations) and a halt to all future handgun sales. Serious stuff. The gunners nightmare. The stuff gun nuts in America have been talking about for 50 years. Well guess what Canadians? You chose this. We screamed at you 3 years ago not to reelect that son of a bitch and you did.

Don’t come crying to me now you stupid mother fuckers. You’re going to get it now, good and hard. No supper. No foreplay. You just wanted the nice parts of socialism. You didn’t know there was a hook hidden in there! You just wanted to be a little bit socialist. You got a little tyrant on your hands and no weapons. Good luck, schmuck.

They create the shooter

The shooting at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas caused people to go crazy (of course) online. Everybody becomes a Monday morning S.W.A.T. Team commando expert on what should have been done. The other side says, “See! Cops couldn’t even stop him we have to take your guns!” Perhaps the one that is the most illogical is the reason not to arm teachers. Because the cops couldn’t stop the shooter, how could a teacher? Something might go wrong or it might not work (?). What?? Her and the kids are about a second away from dying, what’s wrong with giving her a fighting chance? What exactly is there to lose?

But the Left, the people who want to disarm you, they created these little monsters. From what they teach in the schools (boys are girls, bad is good, everything about America is racist and wrong), to their associates in the media and Hollywood pushing every perversion known to man as normal and good. Everything that might give these kids a fighting chance in life is ridiculed and made fun of.

Not to mention the bureaucracies the Left has created in the schools and with the police are so inefficient and poorly run these miss sign after sign after sign when the kid tells them exactly what they are going to do! The cops were called to the shooter’s house about once a week because of the fights between him and his drug addict mom. What happened to the “after the first call somebody is going to jail” standard?

Like I say its documented this kid was telling them for 4 years he planned to shoot up a school. And the response is always, “We didn’t think he’d really…” “We didn’t believe…” “We didn’t want to ruin his record…”. Modern day school shooting have been going on since 1989. How are we not making any progress?

Robb Elementary had the best doors in the business on the classrooms, why on God’s green earth had the teacher propped it open a minute before the shooter gets there?? There was all kinds of shooting and commotion outside the school and starting from a block away when he crashed his truck. Why did she open the door? Why were 19 cops (the initial amount) not able to stop a kid that had to walk with all that gear a block just to get to the school?

There is all kinds of questions like that. Then it comes out how did this happen in the same state just 3 days before the NRA convention? Just like it did in 1999 in Colorado right after Columbine? That’s just bizarre. Then on Gab last night everyone was getting mad at Lee Greenwood for pulling out of the convention. And for actor Jon Voight saying maybe there should be some sort of qualifications before a kid is handed a gun like that.

Older gun types who haven’t realized this isn’t the same country they grew up in, like to come up with their ‘gun stories’. “Why I had a bolt action Remington 30-06 when I was 3 and I never shot nobody!” “Why we used to take our guns to school for show and tell!” They are mentally incapable of grasping the country has changed. We’ve been importing 3rd world filth since 1965. People who have no intention of ever becoming an ‘American’. They hate us.

Weapons we have now didn’t exist when they were kids. Weapons today are 5 to 10 more times lethal than what they had as a kid. The ATF only has 2 classifications of firearms: Long guns and handguns. That might have worked back in 1957, guns within each category were roughly the same. That is no longer true.

Back then your handgun was either a revolver (5 or 6 shots), or something like a 1911 that only worked half the time because it jammed the other half. Its capacity was only 7. They have semi-auto handguns today that work. Ones that will fire a thousand rounds without a hiccup. 15 capacity is routine. So is 17 or 20. Trigger pull is half that of a revolver so they are much more accurate.

Companies like Wilson Combat make magazines with enlarged capacity and flawless performance. You take someone who bought say 5 – 20 round magazines, he can change them in about 2 seconds and fire off 100 rounds in not much more than a minute.

Center fire rifles back in 1957 were pretty much limited to single, double, lever-action, bolt-action, and a few 5 round semi-autos. Big, slow, heavy and cumbersome. Your modern sporting rifle (“assault rifle”) is semi-automatic, works, and can have a 10, 20 or 30 round magazine. 60 are available. They have scopes and ‘red-dot’ optics that allow a mediocre shooter to be deadly at 100 yards. 3 rounds a second out of one of these is routine. Try that with your dad’s 30-06.

These are not the same guns. Its not the same country. We are not the same people. Gun laws should not be the same.

Police: Woman with pistol killed man who shot at crowd of people in Charleston

[Just one example I have of how far society has been degraded, I saw this morning walking through Target. On a book rack was Stephen King’s ‘Firestarter’ (I think that was the title). 65 years ago (if it would have been written at all) it would have been relegated to a bookstore of very questionable repute. Today Stephen King and his vile, disgusting, and completely irredeemable filth are mainstream. He’s considered a serious author.]

Does it have the ‘ring’ of truth?

“Every WW II movie always portrays jews as being helpless victims that didn’t do anything to deserve being put into camps. In reality they were communist agitators (‘Antifa’) trying to overthrow the German government just like they did to the Russians in 1917.”

The above paragraph is from an account on Gab called ‘The Nose’ (yes a play on the idea Jews always have giant honkers). But as to the quote, you can’t even talk about the plain simple fact that Jews Marx and Engles birthed communism. That’s just fact. In the universities. In America in the 30’s and 40’s it Jews always at the vanguard leading communism in America. Lenin in the Soviet Union. Its just history, and you can’t even talk about it!

How much of a stretch is it that 10 years after successfully bringing communism to Russia, they tried to do it in Europe’s other main player Germany? Its not a stretch. Not at all. That’s what the civil war in Spain was about. Communism was making its play. The victors write the history books. So this concept, the very idea is completely new to Americans. I don’t know ‘what’s what’, but its got the ring of truth.

Knowing what is being pushed here by the Jewish community today, another comment (below) that rings true was in the same thread on Gab:

“You nailed it. Research the degenerate period between the two World Wars. Berlin became a cesspit of pornography, homosexuality, transgenderism, pedophilia, rampant drug use, etc. All promoted by the Jewish community. The rise of Hitler was a pushback against all of this and the crippling sanctions imposed on Germany after WW I.”

“New videos show police did absolutely nothing to stop the Uvalde shooter”

However they did Taser and tackle parents who tried to go in. Just incredible. I could tell something was up Tuesday when I was finally able (through separate articles) to nail down A.) When the shooting started – 11:32 am and B.) When was the suspect dead or in custody? 1:06 pm. That’s over an hour and a half. A man can run the length of about any elementary school in 10 seconds or less. What could possibly take you an hour and a half?

I finally started hearing murmurs this morning on the radio about 8 am. Now by 2:30 this afternoon its becoming a flood. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this repeated. Vegas, Columbine, Broward County, Miami, over and over and over. Hours going by before cops going in. Looking up Columbine today I found out it took Harris and Klebold 16 minutes to kill the students then themselves. It took the cops 3 hours and 14 minutes to figure that out.

They don’t learn either. They made a big production after Columbine saying, “We’re no longer going to treat these as hostage situations, but officers will now be taught to run to the sound of gunfire!” Uh-huh. You’re darn right facing a lunatic with a 5.56 semi-automatic rifle is a scary business, what did you think you were signing up for?

There were a couple of times like with the Florida nightclub, that I simply could not find ‘start and stop’ times. I finally realized this time what’s going on with their “press conferences”. It is just an endless string of: “We can’t release that information at this time”, “We don’t know the answer to that at this time”, “That matter is still under investigations”, “The results for that are not back from the lab yet”, “We can’t release that information until relatives have been notified”.

I finally realized they’re not telling you anything, because they don’t want you to know. They don’t want you piecing together timelines. Asking what happened to the 2 cops that were right behind Ramos when he crashed his truck. Why if there was an officer at the door was he only slightly wounded? Didn’t he put up a fight with Ramos? He’s a punk 18 yr old kid, what are you going to do in the face of a real threat?

The bottom line is the Uvalde Police Department hired doughnut eaters, not cops. They can do a lot of things at the Police Academy, but they can’t issue the recruits balls.

Fauci did it

81 year old Anthony Fauci is behind it all. Aids, COVID, Monkeypox, he’s killed millions. Those of us on Gab know all this now. In 5, 10, 15 years, you will all start to say, “Hey… that Fauci guy was behind all this.” The Josef Mengele of DC.

Bombshell Report: Monkeypox Appears To Be ‘Lab Strain With Unknown Characteristics,’ Says ECDC Source

Follow the money.

“There is a very apparent Semitic influence in the press… I can’t tell them the truth that unless we restore Germany we will insure that communism takes America.”
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