Preach with passion

If you put your faith in any man you will be disappointed. Having said that, with what we have to work with, there were (are) none better than Adrian Rogers for preaching God’s word. How short his life was, age 74. Born in God’s country (West Palm Beach, Florida) in 1931, he departed this earth in 2005. A common theme in the “I died and went to heaven” books is their perception that the preachers with the magic are having God’s thunder poured on them from heaven. I truly believe that. I’m also hoping that as many Christians never knew who Adrian Rogers was, there are many other great preachers out there that I will never know of. Because one of the thoughts that always crosses my mind when I catch one of his sermons is (like I did this morning), why was Adrian so rare?

I have to wonder what is going on in seminaries across the country? It is not that tough to figure out what the ingredients to great preaching are, and since that is pretty much how God’s word is spread, why aren’t they better at it? Sitting through a church service should not be a trial and a tribulation but so often it is. The knowledge is about always there, that’s not the problem. Its the Divine spark that’s missing. Why? Why did Billy Graham have it? Ravi Zacharias. But so few others?

I suppose a lot of it is the work of the anti-Christ media and their partner the Devil: They don’t want you to know of the great preachers. Another common tactic is to start tearing a man down once he dies. Sometimes it begins while he’s alive, but generally its once he’s gone and can’t defend himself. When I just now was looking up how to spell Ravi’s last name I saw the searches they wanted me to see of some scandal that came out after he died. I didn’t even look at them. They ignore completely his amazing 50 year body of work, and immediately hop on that one chink in his armor.

As I said in the first sentence of this post, don’t put your faith in man, put it in God. Heathen forever have loved to find the foibles of the men of God. They rush out like obnoxious 7th graders, “See! See! He’s not perfect!” Well no kidding, that’s why we need Jesus. As Adrian pointed out this morning, if you think you’re working your way to heaven you are sadly mistaken. So if you feel you can only follow God if His messenger is perfection walking, then you will not be following God.

Nevertheless it still escapes me, where is the passion in the preaching? Other than knowledge, that is about the only other ingredient (besides physical presentation). This is basic Salesmanship 101. You’ve got to believe in what you’re selling. I know very little about circuit rider Billy Sunday. The one thing I have picked up from this hard-luck, uneducated man, is that he had passion in spades. Why? But once again, its a perfect example of how the Devil’s henchmen (the media) don’t want you to know about him.

Just a gem of a meme

That’s how I know I’m operating just where I want to be. I can get banned from conservative sites just as quickly as liberal ones. I was permanently kicked off of Gateway Pundit. Temporarily kicked off Western Journal. Had numerous posts blocked from World Net Daily. The liberal sites are too numerous to mention. That’s an interesting thing about liberal sites. 6 or 7 years ago an interesting place to be was the comments section at the end of MSN news-feed articles. It was that eternal left-right bickering nonstop.

Then MSN stopped it, they no longer had comments after their articles. Yeah, they just eliminated it. Then I heard the CNN site never has had comments. I started to notice a pattern. If liberal sites do have a comment section, it is highly regulated and tightly controlled. And that is when I saw another meme pointing that out, something to the effect of: “In a free market place of ideas, conservatism always wins out. Liberalism can only exist with censorship.”

And that is really what it is. The proof is born out every day now for over 30 years. With the most absolute proof there is, the dollar. Companies put their money where their mouth is. Foundations, universities and other entities supported with someone else’s money can play little woke games with speech, but corporate radio deals with dollars and cents, not with regards to woke feelings. All liberals have ever gotten out of talk radio is slaughtered. The only thing they’ve ever been left with is a bloody stump. That’s the market place of ideas, and it determines winners and losers.

There’s a reason liberals can’t “meme”, only apex predators can relax long enough to laugh.

Slow burn

This past year as regards the lack of ammunition for firearms has been really frustrating. With life problems in the past I was generally able to structure a ‘work-around’. If something wasn’t available in my town I’d go to the one next door. If they didn’t have it I’d order it. I was even willing to travel out of state. There was usually a way if you wanted to work hard enough, drive far enough, or think smart enough.

But this one had me flummoxed. The government doesn’t want you to have ammo. The producers want to keep the squeeze on to put prices through the roof. The stores? I don’t know what their problem was. You can’t make money with zero sales. These “shortages” happen every few years. These companies never take action to prepare for or alleviate the shortages. They are always completely blindsided. Its like they enjoy giving a big middle finger to their customers and make sky-high profits for a year or two at your expense.

I said to myself, “Never again”. Every month or two I’m going to keep buying from one of my online sellers. I’ll stock up on primers. I won’t be buying American, and I won’t be buying from the local stores. You want a war? You got it. Not one penny to you price gouging sons a bitches. I won’t be buying these brands ammo:

  • Winchester
  • Remington
  • CCI Blazer
  • Federal

And I won’t be buying from these stores:

  • Theisen’s
  • Scheel’s
  • Bass Pro
  • Fleet Farm
  • Sportsman’s Warehouse

The producers and their co-conspirators in this price gouging scheme can go to hell. This ain’t going to happen to me again. I’ll buy:

  • Aguila
  • TulAmmo
  • Armscor
  • Igman
  • Fiocchi (the Italian made ‘red box’)
  • Sellier & Bellot

Is the Global Ponzi scheme unraveling?

Mark Levine, Buck Sexton, even Janet Yellen is beginning to talk about “inflation”. She gets it wrong of when she equates inflation with rising prices (inflation of course is simply inflating the money supply with a fiat currency). Average cost of a new home is up $36K due to skyrocketing lumber costs. Cars and trucks are being shipped to dealers without chips, “We’ll get them to you later.” Max and Stacy in the video talk about “shrink” inflation, producers are trying to hide it by keeping the “price” the same while shrinking the size of the product in the package.

Party like its 1929!” The point of this post is to piss in the wind obviously. Its to warn you that the dollars you hold are about to be worth a lot less. I would use those dollars now to buy the commodities you will need in the future. Not only will you be needing that food or toiletries anyway, but chances are real good they won’t even be on the shelf in the near future, even if you could afford them.

Americans like me felt the Toilet Paper Apocalypse was the end of the world a year ago. It took a full year to get shelves restocked for something as low tech as toilet paper! Can you imagine what’s coming with food shortages? Things like milk and meat require real care in transportation and storage. Can you imagine what’s going to happen as power outages increase? 5 chicken processing plants have burned the past year. Guess what’s going to happen to the price of chicken?

If you know nothing, I’d be watching a few prepper channels. A garden plot. Some stored water. Some canned food. A couple of gas cans with gasoline in them away from the house. A reliable gun with ammo. Toiletries. And most importantly, a network. Those clowns in Congress aren’t going to do anything. They can’t agree on a lunch menu. They think January 6 was an insurrection.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia’s 14th District (on the right) with the winners of an art contest there. I think she is one of the best Representatives to the U.S. House this country has ever seen (or will ever see). If she can just avoid Swamp Disease, she’ll be a good one. You can tell how good she is my how much the establishment media hates her.

Growing up in my formative years (before I knew they were all full of shit and the media was liars), the quintessential “politician” to me was Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. With his silver hair and urbane good looks the Sunday shows loved him. He was nice and moderate and had never done anything after 50 years in Washington. Their kind of Republican. The establishment media just loved him.

He was quite rich (you always wonder how they got so fabulously wealthy after spending their entire adult life in Washington), and it showed. He must have got his haircut once a week. His suits had to have cost over a $1,000 a shot. One of the things I had never seen before was this pin he wore through the knot of his very expensive tie.

I had to assume the knot in his tie was in danger of spontaneously unraveling if he didn’t have that pin going through it, holding it all together. His sophistication was unimpeachable. He talked in this measured and clipped tone that just reeked of couth. He had couth out the wazoo. There was no one couthier.

And I’ll take Marjorie Taylor Greene and all her faux pas over an idiot like Orrin Hatch every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Giuliani: 30 Years Of Evidence Of The “Biden Crime Family Violating Our Laws” Is Why They Want To Put Me In Jail

In the book Fahrenheit 451, when the Fire Department is called, they’re not called to put out a fire, but to start one. A book has been discovered that contains wrong think, some form of truth that needs to be destroyed. The fire department no longer performs expected tasks. Such is the case with the modern incarnation of the Department of Justice. Justice is the last thing to be found there. Ask Paul Manafort, or General Flynn.

Ask the January 6 rioters that are being held without bail or were shot dead (Ashli Babbitt) by Capitol Police (who is not being charged for shooting an unarmed person). In contrast to 5 years of rioting by Antifa and BLM who have never been prosecuted. Despite trying to burn down police and Federal Buildings after locking the occupants inside, and many many other felonies.

DOJ has become a politicized hit squad, justice has nothing to do with their actions.

[As a funny little side note, at the end of the raid Giuliani asks the FBI: “Why aren’t you taking these 3 hard drives? Don’t you want them?” (the warrant required them to take all electronic devices) The FBI said: “Why? What are they?” Giuliani: “Hunter Biden’s laptop.” FBI: “No! No!“]

Interesting shift in ammo supply

Finally after a year of the pandemic, there’s been some movement in the ammo supply in central Iowa. Nothing is “over” of course, but I’m at least seeing signs of hope. Which is strange as I’ve said before, 100% of the people use toilet paper (which has been over for awhile), but only 3% – 6% of the people are active shooters. And re-loaders are even a smaller group than that. So why the shortage going into its second year?

From this video and talking to other shooters, Bass Pro and Sportsman’s Warehouse are getting the reputation of being a little deceptive. They’re alleged to be letting their employees scoop up what little supply comes in. That makes sense from what I’ve seen. Big box stores getting in 10 boxes of 9mm? That’s ridiculous. 1 brick (10 – 100 packs) of primers? That’s a joke. Those stores on a weekend could sell 3,000 boxes of 9mm. They could sell a 1,000 bricks of primers.

Then most of these stores act like the only ones who can make primers are Winchester, CCI, Remington and Federal. Why? These stores regularly sell firearms related products from Mexico, Philippines, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Croatia, Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic and others, so why not primers? None of this makes any sense. You can’t make money if you don’t have product to sell. Why aren’t they going overseas to get that product?

Why this ridiculous loyalty to domestic producers who every 10 years gut your profit margin? I do not get it.

But as to the movement I’m seeing, last Saturday Scheel’s had boatloads of .223 rifle ammunition. On Wednesday they had a ton of 9mm. Theisen’s yesterday had a good amount of Aguila 9mm and .22 LR. Walmart isn’t getting in .22 every week, but a couple of times a month lately. And why this is significant, is that like those SOB’s running the gun show this weekend in Ames, the more supply the big box stores have at an honest price, the more pressure it puts on the gun shows to quit their price gouging.

The other bit of ‘movement’ I’ve seen, is that after sitting over a year in bankruptcy, Remington ammunition has been picked up by Vista Outdoors (who also owns Federal, Blazer and CCI). They’ve been producing now for a month or so. Green boxes are hitting the store shelves. So the ammo is starting to show up, God knows when the primers will.

[The other funny thing about all this is “perceptions”. 2 years ago 9mm at rock bottom prices for a box of 50 (Armscor, Blazer, Aguila) was $8 or $9 dollars a box. Now in the middle of the shortage Theisen’s was selling Aguila for $16.99, and we thought that was a great price! Its double what it was 18 months ago.]

That’s strange, American business doesn’t want to make money

Image processed by CodeCarvinSmall pistol primers

There’s been several “head scratchers” to do with this pandemic thing caused by the Wu Flu. One is Fauci and other American scientists connection to the very Wuhan lab where it came from. The funding is one thing, not to mention the meetings that have now been scrubbed from the internet.

You can take any public embarrassment a politician or Hollywood type has and in a day there will be t-shirts and coffee mugs trying to make a buck off of it. Yet this pandemic has caused any number of shortages for products that were ripe for making huge profits! And no one seems interested. N-95 masks, toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, small and large pistol primers, ammunition.

Maybe its just me, but I find it a little odd when capitalists aren’t interested in making money.

Father Charles E. Coughlin

What is the truth? That is such a tough commodity to acquire. Rare. Some people manufacture it, but it is definitely hard to find in its natural state. I’d first heard about Father Coughlin in the ’96 presidential race. I immediately took a liking to him because they were trying to compare the Catholic Patrick Buchanan to him. I knew nothing about the guy but if he was like Pat he must be good.

I still don’t know how to pronounce his name (cough coog cog), why the Irish had to be like that with their pronunciation I don’t know. But all I’ve been able to find out about him so far are characterizations of him. In typical liberal dirt bag fashion, they won’t tell you what he said, only that what he said is “bad“. They say things like fascist, anti-Semitic, racist, and all manner of other things, but they won’t tell you what he said.

So I went to a site that is supposed to be for him. I know for other figures back then, not wanting to fight another one of Europe’s wars automatically made you a fascist wanting to gas the Jews! How they made that leap I don’t know. The bottom line is, why can’t Europe stand on its own two feet? Because they’ve never had to. The powers that be are quite content for American blood to be spilled for them, and American wallets to be emptied protecting them.

Its ironic in a country that supposedly prizes free speech, he was forced off the radio and his magazine was banned from being distributed by the Postal Service under the Espionage Act! So much for free speech when you question the government. It is just ludicrous someone would be so vilified because of their words. It shows how weak the foundation of the governments policies, that they would be so threatened by one man that they had to shut him up. The FCC didn’t exist until his radio show. It was created to force him off the air.

And the website linked above dedicated to his memory? It also smears him with unsubstantiated rumors. Basically his downfall was that he attacked the Federal Reserve, the Income Tax and Hollywood. All key components to keeping this Ponzi scheme going.

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