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Bright Bart has this article this morning about Pompeo’s warning that kid’s are gonna die because Biden forgot and left the border open. Drug overdose deaths are going to strike down America’s youth because the border suddenly went to hell in a hand basket during the 9 months Biden has been in office.

Gimme a break. Yes Biden’s failure at the border has been particularly spectacular, but its been going on for 40 years. Ever since Reagan took it upon himself to break the meatpacking and construction unions with illegals. But to sit there and act like Democrats are solely responsible is ridiculous.

Dude (Pompeo) that’s been going on 40 years! DO NOT act like Republicans haven’t been fully part of this border scam from the get go! Dam (n) that drives me crazy, and its a short drive. Can’t you see this is why nothing ever changes? They play this fake D vs R battle. Its mono-party. Yes there are skin deep differences but in the end, its the elites, the deep state, the insiders, and we’re not them.

I think the site rankings of “who gets it”, least to most is: FOX, Bright Bart, WND, The New American. The Democrats have it all, why isn’t America now a workers paradise? Why isn’t everyone making $20 bucks an hour? Ain’t gonna happen is it? Why haven’t corporations been taxed back to the stone age? Ain’t gonna happen is it?

As long as Americans let themselves get distracted by the game, ain’t nothin’ gonna change. Its not rain.

[Oh, and that picture? There aren’t any white 3rd world countries.]

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