Too rich

The Titanic analogy they use on today’s episode of the Keiser Report is just too funny. There are so many layers to it. They compare the 2 1/2 hours of relative calm after the Titanic hit the iceberg, to the final 10 minutes before they sank when everyone figured out there weren’t enough lifeboats and that they were all toast. Albeit soggy toast.

Fiat’s final days are here according to Max and Stacy. COVID and the supply chain breakdown might be the final push off the cliff when the Fiat car goes tumbling down the cliff, turning over a few times before it hits a rock and explodes! Everybody inside dies.

They make mention (as do the comments) of the hoarding starting to take place again. A lack of confidence in the currency, the supply chain and our government. Part of his continuing focus on bitcoin and how the establishment is desperately trying to squeeze a few more days out of fiat because the absolute last thing they want in this world is to be constrained by an honest money system.

Author Harry Figgie pointed out 30 years ago that America’s financial collapse would either manifest itself through panic or hyperinflation. It looks like its going to be hyperinflation.

Don’t blame me, I voted for mean tweets, $1.69 gas, low taxes, a wall, and world peace.”

“I stand guilty”

“Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
— David Rockefeller

A commenter at the end of a Breitbart article this morning mentioned David Rockefeller and his globalist ties, which reminded me of the above quote. I hadn’t thought of him much as he had assumed room temperature some time ago. It all just reminds me of the ride Americans have been taken for the last roughly 100 years.

Sold out by their elected representatives, sometimes for ideology, sometimes for cash, sometimes for personal power. It all kind of climaxed this past election with the American people putting a crook like Joe Biden in office along with his criminal artist son. Any country that stupid deserves what it gets. And we’re about to get it good and hard.

I just happened to run across this list of “Jewish quotes”. It followed up in a search engine with all these rabbinical authorities saying its all garbage. Probably 15 years ago when Jew Dennis Miller had a radio show, he had comedian Jew Alan King on. King, unused to live radio at one point when talking about women tells Miller, “Heh, heh, you know what they say about gentile women, you can fuck ’em, you just can’t marry ’em!” So I don’t know what the Torah and the Talmud say about it, but I sure as hell know what Jews think about it.

Get a clue!

See the source image

Bright Bart has this article this morning about Pompeo’s warning that kid’s are gonna die because Biden forgot and left the border open. Drug overdose deaths are going to strike down America’s youth because the border suddenly went to hell in a hand basket during the 9 months Biden has been in office.

Gimme a break. Yes Biden’s failure at the border has been particularly spectacular, but its been going on for 40 years. Ever since Reagan took it upon himself to break the meatpacking and construction unions with illegals. But to sit there and act like Democrats are solely responsible is ridiculous.

Dude (Pompeo) that’s been going on 40 years! DO NOT act like Republicans haven’t been fully part of this border scam from the get go! Dam (n) that drives me crazy, and its a short drive. Can’t you see this is why nothing ever changes? They play this fake D vs R battle. Its mono-party. Yes there are skin deep differences but in the end, its the elites, the deep state, the insiders, and we’re not them.

I think the site rankings of “who gets it”, least to most is: FOX, Bright Bart, WND, The New American. The Democrats have it all, why isn’t America now a workers paradise? Why isn’t everyone making $20 bucks an hour? Ain’t gonna happen is it? Why haven’t corporations been taxed back to the stone age? Ain’t gonna happen is it?

As long as Americans let themselves get distracted by the game, ain’t nothin’ gonna change. Its not rain.

[Oh, and that picture? There aren’t any white 3rd world countries.]

You are hereby banned from joining in ANY reindeer games!

Social credit system” – how many people even know what that means? Its the ultimate Wrong Think retaliation tool first rolled out in China and now coming to some would say their puppet on a string the United States. Especially when you consider the social justice warriors about to take over the American government, Biden and Harris (Harris and Biden?). In China what it came down to is removing economic viability from a persons life.

Oh we don’t kill you, or put you in jail, we just cutoff all ability for you to do business. Imagine: you can’t buy groceries, you can’t rent an apartment, you can’t get a job, you can’t receive medical services. You’re kind of out of luck ain’t ya? Andrew Torba the founder of Gab found this out a while back. Gab was picking up steam and the first thing “they” did was take away electronic payment systems.

People could no longer donate to the ad free Gab through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and the like. Gab had to turn their Post Office box into their sole fundraising source for awhile. Think about that, the year 2020 and the only way they could raise money was a check by snail mail. Then they turned on Torba personally and denied him and his family the ability to have a credit card. Think about that, we don’t like your political views so we’re going to deny you a credit card??

Its the full realization of “cancel culture” and the libs are loving it. “We will have compliance dammit!” You have complete freedom of thought, as long as we approve. The conservative organizations experiencing this are screaming at their Republican reps to fix this and its not even on their radar. The social credit system is the ‘mark of the beast’ that was prophesied and no one even sees it.

I myself experienced this through First National Bank of Omaha. They decided my NRA Visa card was responsible for mass shootings so they sold my account to another company. And I had the aggravation of setting up a new company. I suppose I should consider myself lucky, I still had a card.

Its a scary world

Very scary. This brave new world of Big Tech censorship is a scary one. Swear to God the modern day American takes freedom of speech for granted, and cannot see how it is slipping away. It started in the 70s with “political correctness“. Not that you should not say something because it was wrong to do so, but because of societal pressure. I determined early on in the pandemic that I could tell the state of COVID-19 by the rising and falling amounts of toilet paper on the shelves. I had the innate feeling it would be a quicker and more accurate barometer than any government report.

For speech my measuring stick has always been the use of the word ‘nigger’. In the first part of the decade of the 70s it would still appear once in awhile on a show like All in the Family to demonstrate Archie’s racism, and in the odd movie now and again. In Blazing Saddles they “used it” sort of, they bleeped it out, but you knew what they were saying. Blazing Saddles was more in the middle of the decade. The shift was beginning. Don’t use a word because you know better, not out of fear.

Now we have supposedly rational adults talking about the ‘N’ word. Perhaps the worst part of the censorship is being banned from someplace and not even being told why. Now with Twitter I at least knew why I was kicked off there. I had commented that it was sick behavior for these muslims to be burning a dog alive in this video. I got banned for saying a protected group had exhibited sick behavior.

Now when I got kicked off YouTube I don’t know what it was for. It could have been when in the comment section on a video about the eternal corruption of the Mexican government I had called that country a shithole. Or it could have been on the 500th video on this crime channel where the perpetrators were black males between the ages of 15 and 35 wearing hoodies, and I had pointed that out. As Ann Coulter says, at a certain point it ceases to be profiling, and becomes a description of the suspect.

I can’t even remember what got me kicked off of Facebook. It was something right before the election when they were wanting to purge conservatives and I had said something about Democrats and cheating. On Gateway Pundit and World Net Daily I got kicked off for using my “emphasis” words: ‘damn, bastard, asshole’, and the like. Those type of sites all use a service called Disqus that is a modern incarnation of George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words. It catches your ‘poo poo pee pee titty’ type words.

So now we come to the final stages of censorship. That’s the way tyranny works, it gets its nose under the tent, and pretty soon its all the way in. The “last bastion”, Gab, won’t let me say ABC or NBC is “fake news“. And to me, someone whose memory goes back to the 60s, this is an absurd and unacceptable situation. FYI 2 sites I haven’t been kicked off of are Breitbart and FOX News. Kind of surprising.

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