Total war or no war

Friday, as 20 years of stupidity is collapsing around our ears in Afghanistan, there’s Senator Chuck Grassley doing an aw shucks interview on TV at the State Fair about corn dogs. God we live in a surreal world. I knew liberals (people that work at TV stations) were idiots, but do they have to prove it every damn day?

Crazy Joe Biden goes on vacation during all this and not a peep out of the GD liberal media. Not a dam (n) peep. Having a minimal understanding of “just war” theory I knew 20 years ago the last thing we wanted was to get bogged down with guerrilla fighters in Afghanistan. If they were partly responsible for 3,000 dead Americans on 9/11, we had a duty to kill 10,000 of them. Not to build schools.

If you think you have a reason to attack another country it better be a damn good one. War is hell and you better think long and hard about it. Its not “surgical strikes” and “nation building“, its being prepared to kill every man, woman and child in that country if necessary. Its being prepared to wipe that country off the face of the map. Are you ready to do that?

Its total war or no war. Aw shucks Chuck Grassley and the rest of the U.S. Congress doesn’t get that. They’d rather waste American lives and American money. They didn’t learn one dam (n) thing from Vietnam. Those men died for nothing. Our men in Afghanistan died for nothing because Congress will not have learned one dam (n) thing these past 20 years.

Congress gave Bush II the right to “fight the war on terror“, uh huh, you declare war. You say what you mean. You take responsibility. That’s what the problem was, we never defined what “done” was.

[How anyone votes for an incumbent politician is simply beyond me.]

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