“I Didn’t Declare War on the Establishment; It Declared War on Me”

The Gateway Pundit has an article that initially you want to “rah! rah! rah!” around. Frank Miele expands on the premise of the title, conservatives facing Big Tech censorship of their ideas. Being denied banking services. Payment systems. Credit cards and so on (the fiends! cue the frothing at the mouth!). Then you start thinking, well aren’t we supposed to have people fighting on our side so illegal stuff like this doesn’t happen?

Who would that be? If we are being attacked mainly from the left, is there someone on the right looking out for us? Well, no frankly, we don’t. That’s the forest that most people will never see. Too many damn trees! The Republicans don’t fight for you, they never have and they never will. Try and name an accomplishment that the Republicans had the past 100 years? I’ve tried that experiment several times, can’t do it.

I’m not going to rehash all that. But that is the paradigm that until people get over, they will forever be spinning their wheels. Its just hard for me to fathom. They keep throwing their time and money into something (the Republican Party) that just does not work. There is no other way to put it. You got to get past the false dichotomy, the D vs R myth. Frank Miele in the article above keeps waiting for the Knight on the White Stallion to come in and fight for him, not gonna happen.

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Its a scary world

Very scary. This brave new world of Big Tech censorship is a scary one. Swear to God the modern day American takes freedom of speech for granted, and cannot see how it is slipping away. It started in the 70s with “political correctness“. Not that you should not say something because it was wrong to do so, but because of societal pressure. I determined early on in the pandemic that I could tell the state of COVID-19 by the rising and falling amounts of toilet paper on the shelves. I had the innate feeling it would be a quicker and more accurate barometer than any government report.

For speech my measuring stick has always been the use of the word ‘nigger’. In the first part of the decade of the 70s it would still appear once in awhile on a show like All in the Family to demonstrate Archie’s racism, and in the odd movie now and again. In Blazing Saddles they “used it” sort of, they bleeped it out, but you knew what they were saying. Blazing Saddles was more in the middle of the decade. The shift was beginning. Don’t use a word because you know better, not out of fear.

Now we have supposedly rational adults talking about the ‘N’ word. Perhaps the worst part of the censorship is being banned from someplace and not even being told why. Now with Twitter I at least knew why I was kicked off there. I had commented that it was sick behavior for these muslims to be burning a dog alive in this video. I got banned for saying a protected group had exhibited sick behavior.

Now when I got kicked off YouTube I don’t know what it was for. It could have been when in the comment section on a video about the eternal corruption of the Mexican government I had called that country a shithole. Or it could have been on the 500th video on this crime channel where the perpetrators were black males between the ages of 15 and 35 wearing hoodies, and I had pointed that out. As Ann Coulter says, at a certain point it ceases to be profiling, and becomes a description of the suspect.

I can’t even remember what got me kicked off of Facebook. It was something right before the election when they were wanting to purge conservatives and I had said something about Democrats and cheating. On Gateway Pundit and World Net Daily I got kicked off for using my “emphasis” words: ‘damn, bastard, asshole’, and the like. Those type of sites all use a service called Disqus that is a modern incarnation of George Carlin’s 7 Dirty Words. It catches your ‘poo poo pee pee titty’ type words.

So now we come to the final stages of censorship. That’s the way tyranny works, it gets its nose under the tent, and pretty soon its all the way in. The “last bastion”, Gab, won’t let me say ABC or NBC is “fake news“. And to me, someone whose memory goes back to the 60s, this is an absurd and unacceptable situation. FYI 2 sites I haven’t been kicked off of are Breitbart and FOX News. Kind of surprising.

And you banned ME?

“Hello!. Do you wanna handjob? Look at site below 💗 Find me” @2197_uxo_1

  • http://dateme-meetup.site/nQXfUqHkVuhJds
  • Joined Jan 13, 2011 (This is an example of a profile Disqus and the associated news sites find acceptable, yet they will kickoff those people with unacceptable political views.)

Being banned yesterday by the Gateway Pundit left me shaking my head. Just 10 days before I’d been banned by the Western Journal (5/14/20 update: Then Facebook got me last night!). Both “conservative” sites. I was on another site that uses Disqus, WND.com , when I saw the profile above. She/he/it doing the sexual services advertising has been a member for 9 years, since 2011. She shows a risqué photo and advertises for “handjobs”. Yet this person has been a member for 9 years, I didn’t make it a month. I just find it odd. All I did was spout some very firm political views. A nice rack will evidently trump freedom of speech every time.

[Then, to top it all off, this post exposed something else. 9 months ago I had started this blog because of the unwieldy nature of the WordPress blog system. The creation of this blog was an unintended accident. I eventually got it figured out, but something became strangely apparent. Having been blogging for 14 years now I had never seen anything like it. I don’t think this blog got 1 honest ‘hit’ in those 9 months. Not 1! I couldn’t imagine a blog so completely under the radar. Its like it had some sort of Romulan cloaking device on it. It was completely invisible. Then! The very moment I make this post with the attractive young lass with her boobies hanging out, I get hits. All those months filled with brilliant writings on Politics & Religion, nothing. But the moment I put up a picture of a big breasted young lass, then I get hits. “Hits for tits” as they say. I think I’ll go ahead and run some really good pics. The type like the ones that appear on your Facebook “people you may know” recommendations. I can assure you I don’t know any women like that. So if pictures of half naked women get hits, lets see how many I can get!]

Then! YouTube and WND ads had these two beauts it seemed appropriate to add here:

This is an artsy photo I saw on Gab, very odd but very neat.

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