“Follow the science”

That’s the last thing the elites did. Mr. Donald John Trump came out with (I think he invented it) a perfectly good treatment, not a deadly vaccine, and they immediately hated it! The main reason of course aside from that was that it could be had for pennies and not trillions, was that the “wrong” man had promoted it: Hydroxychloroquine. A perfectly valid treatment. The vaccine on the other hand seems to perform like anti-bacterial soap, what it leaves behind ends up being stronger and more deadly. The vaccine is creating the variants. What’s happening is their ultimate dream, an endless money drop of the world’s wealth to the pharmaceutical companies. The hatred of one man killed millions. That and we funded the “research” that got an animal virus to transmit to humans.

“And the future of the Republican Party”

The GOP is as dead as John McCain, deader maybe

Trump: “Lisa Boothe, who has been doing an outstanding job at Fox News, is starting her own podcast, which begins this morning. I have agreed to an interview where we talk about Election Fraud, Joe Biden’s dangerously radical policies (2A and the Border!) and the future of the Republican Party.”

Me: There is no ‘future’ of the Republican Party. What have they ever done? Besides cut the corporate rate I mean? Did they block the 1968 Gun Control Act? Did they block the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban? Did they block the 1933 National Firearms Act? Did they ever limit the size, scope or expense of government? Nope. They’ve done jack shit.

  • Johnny Dangerously

The top of the pyramid has no ‘sides’

Ever since the 2016 election Democrats have been talking about overturning the will of the people through the impeachment of President Trump. He hadn’t even taken office and they were plotting his removal! Russia Gate was supposed to do that and failed. Recently this nonsense about Ukraine is their next best hope. Which is funny as they are completely ignoring Joe and Hunter Biden’s self enrichment schemes, to invent stuff about Trump.

Trump always thought his ace in the hole was the Republican Senate when it came to an impeachment vote. You’d think that. I predicted in a November 2016 post the backstabbing that would go on in that Senate led by John McCain. I hadn’t counted on him assuming room temperature. No matter, Mitt Romney stepped up to take his place.

He along with 10 other Republican Senators voted with the Democrats to take away Trump’s funding of the border wall through an emergency declaration (not that any of this matters, Ann Coulter discovered that the only wall being built is replacement wall, not new wall). From what I understand only 18 Republican votes are needed for an impeachment conviction (67 votes representing a two thirds majority). These 11 have shown their true colors for the umpteenth time.

Susan Collins (ME), Mitt Romney (UT), retiring Sen. Lamar Alexander (TN), along with Sens. Roy Blunt (MO), Mike Lee (UT), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), and Roger Wicker (MS). 11 traitors. 11 Deep State operatives. These 11 showed just last week what they were capable of.

Trump was elected on 1 issue: illegal immigration. These 11 voted to take away funding for a wall to prevent that. These 11 would easily vote for impeachment, “For the good of the country.” The Senate is currently divided 51 – 49. Those 11 put the count at 60. They just need 7 more. You know Joni Ernst is good for it. That leaves 6. With the entire media calling for impeachment? I wouldn’t want to be Trump.

The point of the title is that Washington is not built on a Left vs Right divide. At the top there is the Elite, the Insiders, the Deep State, the Establishment, and everybody else. Trump is not part of the in crowd, he is for the People. It seems the American people will never get past the con.

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