With so much of today’s entertainment recycled garbage, Pacific Garden Mission’s ‘Unshackled’ has been a favorite of mine for years. It is a radio drama with a Christian message. One of my favorite parts about it is the organ music played at times. Nothing says riveting drama like a Wurlitzer.

A lot of the reason the stories are so good is because they’re true. They run the gamut of self-induced disaster. Sex, drugs, rock & roll, alcohol, greed, its all there. They’ve been making the shows since 1950. It just occurred to me they are the audio version of those little Christian comic book you can get at some Christian Book Stores.

[“Catch UNSHACKLED!’s live production every Saturday at 3:00 pm at Pacific Garden Mission. Please RSVP at (312) 492 – 9410. FREE ADMISSION“]

Zelenskyy’s only thinking of himself

The news this morning (as it has been the past 10 days) was all about Ukraine taking it on the chin. They make it sound like the only thing that can happen is for their country to be destroyed, the people to die, and maybe America be brought into a nuclear conflict with Russia.

It doesn’t have to be that way! What does Russia want? Russia wants Zelenskyy out of there. They want Ukraine to stay out of NATO. And they want nukes to stay out of Ukraine. That ain’t tough. But its all things Zelenskyy has been threatening the past couple of years.

Don’t do that. Anyone remotely knowledgeable about geopolitics knows Russia is a paranoid nation and always has been. When the Soviet Union broke up in ’91 NATO said they wouldn’t advance to the east, and that is exactly what they’ve done ever since.

Zelenskyy could end this. Resign. And before you do sign a couple of treaties with Russia. Say you won’t join NATO. In fact say you will help defend Russia if they are ever attacked. Agree to never acquire nuclear weapons.

Save your country, save your people and save America from being drawn into a nuclear conflict.

But he can’t. All Zelenskyy can think about is staying in power. He’s not looking out for his people, he’s getting them killed.

They outlawed biological warfare, just not against us

Basically Big Pharma has been creating the problem and the solution for several generations now. At your expense both monetarily and to your health.

Special operation in Ukraine helped prevent Kiev from unleashing a biological war.”

With this title, an article was published on the website of the federal news agency RIA.

The media published documents released by Russian intelligence documenting the connection between the creators of the TB-2 drones, gas turbine manufacturers and Ukraine.

Among other things, we are talking about the installation of spray components of “aerosol dispensers”, which the Russian special services consider / define as an indicator of a planned chemical / biological attack, and accuse Ukraine of implementing these plans on the territory of Donbass.

The authenticity of the documents remains unconfirmed and should now be treated with caution. If they turn out to be reliable, Russia will probably have to confirm these data soon.

Government: We create the problem then provide the solution (at your expense)

Government policies destroyed the nuclear family, that then required “government solutions”, that have all taken place during the 63 years Senator Grassley has held public office. The tax rate in the 50’s went from 8% to between 15% – 25%, but when you throw in the SSA and Medicare that they don’t count as “federal tax”, its actually higher than that. That forced women into the work place by the late 60’s and 70’s.

Couple that with the EPA making it impractical for manufacturers to stay here due to the ban on sulfur emissions, good jobs that allowed men to be the sole provider left. With women out of the home, and the man making less money, you started having a push for “free child care”, and extended maternity leave. 3 or 4 kids became a hassle for a working mom and it became 1 or 2, and it fit real well with abortion on demand.

“Free school lunch” programs became a thing. Then with mom working outside of the home, no one had the energy to look after the kids, homework got lost in the shuffle. Oversight of the kids relationships and activities lapsed. Mom’s had a lot more opportunities for relationships with men, divorce skyrocketed. All the welfare programs encouraged single motherhood, fatherless families disintegrated faster. Budgets ballooned with all these programs and “child tax credits”.

Basically the government destroyed the family, the basis for our society, then said “here let us bill you for the solution”. 

“Liberals kill God to destroy sin”

There’s an interesting podcast on a site called Canada Free Press. Which is funny because the guy talks as if he is American. You have to search a little bit for it, its one of those small sites where ads are popping up all over and asking you questions. Its a wandering monologue with a bunch of rabbit trails, but as the title of this post suggests, you instinctively know he’s right.

Its been suggested that that was what Hitler’s problem with the Jews was, they represented in his mind God’s 10 Commandments. If he were to eliminate the Jews he would be free of God’s commandments. Today’s leftists want the same thing, as evidenced by their intense hatred of Jesus.

A lot of people get it wrong and think the left hates ‘religion’, not so. They don’t hate any other religion except Christianity. They love pointless spiritualism. They instinctively know which one is for real and they hate it. I don’t know how much help they get from Satan.

But as Kelly O’Connell points out, it explains a lot if you think about it. Their soft on crime approach among other things. Deciding not to prosecute entire classes of crime. The trouble as he points out though is they run into a problem, nobody wants to live in a society where the Thou Shall Not’s are no longer in force.

Nobody wants to live in a society where murder is okay, theft is not a problem, and there’s no reason not to rape. Civilization needs right from wrong, we as people need absolute truth. And that’s where there leftist utopias fall flat, they work theoretically, just not in reality.

The VAERS numbers the CDC is hiding

Here are the new VAERS numbers on covid jabs:

22,607 deaths
29,716 myocarditis
25,777 life threatening events
38,693 severe allergic reactions
40,069 permanently disabled

2021 data in US:
MI/Heart Attack up 269%
Myocarditis up 285%
Pulmonary Embolism up 467%
Cerebral Infarction up 393%
Bell’s Palsy up 319%
Immunodeficiencies up 275%
MS/ Demyelinating Diagnosis up 487%
Neoplasms up 296%
Nontraumatic Subarachnoid Hemmorrhage/iCH up 312%
Spontaneous Abortion/Miscarriage up 306%

Life Insurance payouts for 2021 for ages 18-64 are up 40% and the companies say a 10% increase would be a 1 in 200 year event.

(deaths are dramatically higher in the vaccine group than the placebo group, explaining why they wish to hide the data for 75 years)

Canadian Policeman murders man for not wearing mask. Somebody tried to tell me this was in Australia, but those yellow striped pants sure look like RCMP.

The left can’t meme

YouTube just BANNED this video, so you know it’s over the target!

The COVID vaccines have triggered a global AIDS pandemic (because they have destroyed our immune system) but THANKFULLY Moderna is working on a DNA-altering HIV-AIDS vaccine to combat this problem.

The new AIDS-vaccine will likely require two initial shots, followed by 4 booster shots per year for the rest of your life!

Dr. Robert Malone Bombshell: ‘We’ve Known How to Cure COVID since 2020’

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