Its beginning to look a lot like genocide!

Follow the money. 40 years ago an earth shattering virus was created I mean discovered called HIV. It resulted in a disease called Aids. Guess who was at the center of the creation I mean discovery of this ‘monkey’ virus? Yeah, NIH head Anthony Fauci.

Flash forward 40 years and we find out the NIH had funded ‘gain of function’ research to get this ‘bat’ virus to leap to humans called COVID-19. Guess who did that? Yeah, Anthony Fauci.

And the drug company Pfizer, at the center of these untested and experimental vaccines, announced they don’t want to release their test data on the vaccines for 75 years. That’s a long time isn’t it? 75 years. Usually for scientific data to even begin to be considered valid it has to be peer reviewed. After 75 years their peers would be long dead.

A lot of the research and discovery is coming out of the UK. Like this video here. How does example #1 (HIV) tie into example #2 (COVID-19)? Well all of a sudden there’s a push out of nowhere for HIV testing. Isn’t that strange? Until you realize HIV was purposely put into the experimental mRNA gene therapy shots. Completing the Fauci circle.

So does the entire globe now have Aids? We do know the manufacturers have been given immunity. We do know they’ve been given time to scrub their data.

“No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government is actually doing is worse than you imagine.”
― William Blum (former state department)

FOX News is a fraud

That’s the only conclusion I can come to. Communists, degenerates and other Democrats think FOX is a “conservative” network. At best its a Republican network. But over the last few months it has occurred to be its a worthless network.

Several months ago I noticed FOX is obsessed with AOC (the picture on the left). Nearly every morning they find an excuse to have an article about her. Today it was about her feud with Nancy Pelosi concerning the banning of stock trades for members of Congress.

A few weeks ago it was about AOC’s trip to Miami. FOX covers her every utterance and outing. Sometime after I noticed their obsession with her, it occurred to me: “If they are covering this bullshit, it means they’re not bringing us articles of importance!” One example is I’ve known for awhile a digital currency is coming to replace the dollar. That is something of HUGE importance that will affect every single saver and investor in America.

Well it turns out Pelosi is wanting to push that before 2024, conservative media isn’t covering that! They’re covering AOC! We have the sex scandal of the century on trial right now in the form of Ghislaine Maxwell. For 30 years this country’s most rich and powerful men have been having sex with underage girls provided for them by Maxwell.

FOX has hardly covered the TRIAL! Let alone exhibited any curiosity about the CLIENT LIST of the rich and powerful that have been fucking these girls for 30 years! No interest! The best they could do was publish some “raunchy photos” (Ghislaine in a bikini top). Her sex life is not the issue. Its the corruption going to the very top (President Clinton) of our government that is the issue!

‘They Hate People Who Love God’

That was the headline of a really great article on Breitbart this morning. It was getting Phil Robertson’s take on “the cancel culture”, the leftist mob whose latest target is Joe Rogan. Two paragraphs stuck with me the most: “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity,” he continued. “They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice, they’re gossips, slanderous, God-haters, insolent, arrogant, boastful, they invent ways of doing evil.”

And then they asked Phil about the wisdom of apologizing or trying to placate the mob: “The cancel mob, they don’t really want anything. They just want to destroy, and still, some people — who are getting canceled — they think that an apology to the people who simply want to do them harm might be productive. But it generally doesn’t work. People are generally not interested in apologies.”

That’s something I’ve noticed over the decades, the left looks at an apology as a weakness and it simply propels them to attack even harder. A lot of people on the right make the mistake that their opponents are similar to them and that in the end they’re basically decent people. That’s just not true. They are basically evil degenerates devoid of the Holy Spirit and are thus guided by the Devil. You can’t make deals with people who only want to destroy you.

Phil Robertson is similar to a number of people who have fooled me by their appearance. I look at his casual dress and backwoods appearance, and I tend to pigeonhole him as someone simple, someone who is too unsophisticated to understand the ways of the world. And as is often the case, I am way behind them in understanding and comprehension.

We are no longer 1 people, its absurd to try and be 1 country

This morning on Gab the John Birch Society is doing one of their ‘boiler plate’ warnings about avoiding a Constitutional Convention (frankly I lose track if the correct phrase is convention of the states or what). Their standard argument against change is that what if the convention gets taken over by radicals and we end up with a communist government! And, “If they don’t follow the current law of the land, why would they follow the next one?”

They ignore the third and obvious aspect. The Constitution somewhat worked the first 125 years or so, because we were one people with a common creed. That’s no longer the case. As I said in a comment to them: “The Constitution stopped working over 100 years ago. So by doing nothing, its going to magically start working again? Or rather as the millennia go by, “Don’t do anything! It might go bad!” The answer is clear, we need to disband. We are no longer 1 people, its absurd to be 1 country.”

And at the risk of repeating myself (actually I’m going to do exactly that on purpose), we are not one people! How the sam hell do you expect us to be one country! Its ridiculous. There is no way in hell to reconcile the current differences of the two sides. One side believes in killing babies. One side believes we can import the 3rd world and not become it. One side believes black people shouldn’t be held accountable for their actions. One side believes its the American taxpayer’s job to save the world (and by default pay for it).

The other side believes correctly. There is no way to reconcile these two widely divergent world views. Its absurd. Half the people in this country are not Americans. It may say they are on their passport, but they are not in thought, mind, act or deed. A good many are 3rd world refuse that couldn’t verbalize the American credo if you held a gun to their head. They do not hold dear the habits of liberty. And frankly, they never will. The other part of the wrong side are imbeciles with no logical basis for their world view.

Know the warning signs


Know the WARNING Signs of White Supremacy 

Full time employment 


Responsible Parenting 

Community Pride 

Practical degree or skill 

Lack of Laughable Names 

Auto insurance 

Good credit rating 

No criminal record 

Pays Taxes 

Supports Law Enforcement

I saw that in the comments after an article on FOX News about this heart wrenching ‘good Samaritan‘ story. A woman gets held at gunpoint when a Kia drives up and someone inside points a gun at her. A man across the street (Marcus) tells the occupants of the car to “leave her alone”. The occupant of the car with the gun gets out and shoots Marcus twice in the legs and once in the arm. It sounds like he will live.

Some sharp eyed readers of the article picked up some key points. The “9500 block of Lockwood Drive” on the north edge of downtown Houston isn’t a high rent area. Especially at 2:30 in the morning. What are you doing out by yourself at that time of night? All these were tidbits people in the comments picked up. Another one was Texas has really liberalized their carry laws, if you’re going to be a crime fighter you might want to have the means to protect yourself.

A commie lib commenter tried to say “rural Texas was just as bad” as that area of Houston. He went on to list what he considered tell-tale signs of their poverty and wretched existence. Rather than “prove” his point, it said to me there can be poverty without crime. It all depends on what morals you hold and what the expectations are of the people around you, and who raised you.

There was another great article on the site about the “gun culture” of DC. “Everybody’s packing”. I made the pithy comment that “These people don’t need guns they need luggage. They live in a dysfunctional cesspool. The Samsonite maneuver.” Like what they need to do is move. Which of course is wrong as it would be very rare there was a geographic solution to a problem. Generally your troubles just follow you.

There were several interesting aspects in this article about crime in our nation’s Capitol. The general thesis being “you know the other guy is packing, you’d better be too.” Another being “the cops sure as hell ain’t gonna do nothing about your family member being murdered, you’re going to have to do it.” Exactly what you’d expect from the ghetto and ‘street justice’, just funny to hear it.

But the overriding takeaway from that article was: Why aren’t white people arming themselves in these big cities?

For some reason the idea of self defense has completely left the modern generation. There was a time when people would have said to the authorities, “Screw you mother fucker, I’m going to defend myself.” FOX host Lawrence Jones had still another piece on the site about crime in New York. How its being “normalized”. New York evidently has really had a spike in street crime. And you have all these white people in his video saying, “No I feel safe, I don’t think there’s a problem.” And he has all these clips of white people getting the shit kicked out of them by blacks.

But for “normalization of crime”, you really have to go to San Francisco. They’re the ones that started this “you can shoplift $1,000 a day and we won’t prosecute you” bullshit. Well guess what? It told the criminals ‘game on’, they could do what they want. Number 2 is, a lot of it wasn’t “shoplifting”, it was armed thugs going in with crowbars and sledgehammers busting up jewelry stores and whatnot and taking what they wanted.

And my response to that is, armed robbery okays lethal response. And even if they didn’t want to go that route, a 12 gauge shotgun shooting ‘less lethal’ bags of lead shot, or a VKS Carbine shooting steel balls and teargas rounds, will take the juice out of a robber real quick.

But what these articles really do “big picture” wise, is create the idea in you that in the black community, the criminal element won. They are now the majority. The other thought is that I ‘envy’ (in a way) today’s 16 yr old in that could have another 70 years to live, and will be able to see what America looks like in 2092.

“We may be called The View but we still answer to The Jew!”

Whoopi “Goldberg”

I had to laugh at that headline! 50 years ago when Whoopi started out she changed her name to ‘Goldberg‘ because she thought that would give her an ‘in’ with the people who run Hollywood if they thought she was a Jew too (most black people aren’t naturally Jewish). But! She had the audacity to use the Holocaust as an example when talking about man’s inhumanity to man.

She crossed the line! So she was suspended from The View for 2 weeks. Usually black trumps Jew in the PC wars (Rosanne vs Valerie Jarrett), but not always apparently. “But Jews don’t run television!” Its like they say, you can tell who rules over you by who you can’t criticize.

Roddy Piper’s ‘They Live‘ (1988) was fun in several ways. This guy Roddy was a very likable and charismatic guy. He wasn’t one of these sissy actor guys that wouldn’t know a days work if it fell on them. He was a “guy’s guy”. (Roddy passed away at the much too young age of 61)

He started out as a professional wrestler before he turned to acting. From “the land of sky blue waters”. Just a fun guy. I stumbled across the movie many years ago, and I thought “this looks interesting”.

The gist of the movie was that a bum on his deathbed gives him these special sunglasses. These glasses allow him to see through the veneer of the aliens that are living among us in key positions controlling society while remaining undetected. They are planted in key positions of government, academia, entertainment and the corporate world.

With science fiction there is always a metaphor that the piece in question stands for. I’ve never heard what this one was. The one that jumped out at me was Jews running things in a way that benefited them or Israel at the expense of Americans in general. Such as much of our pointless involvement in the Middle East.

But fighting Israel’s wars is strictly A+B=C. There are much more complicated equations. A current one is the conflict the neocon Jews are trying to gin up in regards to Russia and Ukraine. One of the aspects going unmentioned is Russia trying to get trade disconnected from the “petrodollar”.

That was the idea the central banks came up with when Nixon took us off the last vestiges of the gold standard in 1971. They said okay, our currency will no longer be pegged to the price of gold, but to the cost of oil: the petrol dollar. That enables us to sell our worthless debt to other countries, because they need dollars to do business internationally.

And who controls the central banks? And whose interest is it to make sure Russia never cuts the cord?

That is so bad.

“They use these tactics because their ideas suck”

I love that quote! It so encapsulates Democrat strategy. All the riots the past 5 years by their fascist goons Antifa and BLM. The irony is thick. Then you throw in “political correctness” from way back, and its modern incarnation “cancel culture”, its all about force. A good example was Rush Limbaugh. They couldn’t compete with him in the arena of ideas, so they tried to get him taken off the air for 30 years.

I was just thinking about this yesterday. Hippies of old (as far as I remember) were all about they’d do their own thing, and the “squares” could do theirs. That’s not the way leftist culture is today. You’re going to think right or your not going to think at all. What Virginia House Delegate Nick Freitas was saying in the story at the link above was, lets debate the merits of an issue. Don’t immediately call me a “bigot, racist, or sexist”. They don’t want to do that. They can’t do that. They don’t have intellect, they have sledgehammers.

Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants” – William Penn

If they don’t attack now, they’re never going to

All them generals at the Pentagon with their lockable briefcases like to go to the floor of the House and testify at budget time as to why they need outlandish sums to defend us against the evil Russians or Chinese. Well for God’s sake, if those two don’t team up to attack the U.S. now, when the hell are they going to??

They’re fakers! With Brandon in charge?? With our military at its absolute weakest in its entire history?? We couldn’t repulse Bolivia at the moment. All this military buildup for all these decades is a lie, China and Russia if they teamed together could take us. All the trillions we’ve spent on our military to have a paper tiger.

They ain’t going to attack. I know the Chinese are pussies, the Russians are just poor and incompetent. The Pentagon’s Big Lie about the eternal external threat is just that. They are the threat to the U.S.

[Don’t get me wrong, China and Russia are bad evil people with not one redeeming feature that would love to attack us. But they won’t. And the reason they won’t is also pretty clear. We have more than enough military to protect the 50 States, we just don’t have enough military to do the foreign adventurism anymore. Chinese are cowards and the Russians don’t have the money.]

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